In the Kelvin timeline, the Federation Starfleet's evolution was changed. A number of different uniforms were in use in the 2250s, with rank insignia that were similar to, but not identical to, the unchanged reality. (TOS movie: Star Trek) By the end of 2262, the style of the uniform had changed but the rank insignia remained the same.

Rank chart[edit | edit source]

grade collar and sleeve insignia epaulet insignia
command division operations division sciences division general wear
cadet Uniform collar.[1]
ensign Uniform sleeve.[2] Uniform sleeve.[3] Uniform sleeve.[4] Uniform sleeve.[5] Uniform epaulet.[5]
lieutenant Uniform sleeve.[6] Uniform sleeve.[4] Uniform sleeve.[4] Uniform sleeve.[7]
Uniform epaulet.[8]
lieutenant commander Uniform sleeve.[4] Uniform sleeve.[9] Uniform sleeve.[10] Uniform sleeve.[11]
commander Uniform sleeve.[4] Uniform sleeve.[4] Uniform sleeve.[12] Uniform sleeve.[13] Uniform epaulet.[13]
captain Uniform sleeve.[14] Uniform sleeve.[4] Uniform sleeve.[4] Uniform sleeve.[15] Uniform epaulet.[15]
commodore Uniform sleeve.[16] Uniform sleeve.[4] Uniform sleeve.[4] Uniform sleeve.[4]
Uniform epaulet.[17]
admiral Uniform sleeve.[18]
fleet admiral Uniform epaulet.[19]

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