In various time travel situations, Starfleet personnel have made contact with future personnel from the 2380s, 2390s and 2400s. In alternate timeline versions of these decades, a future uniform is sometimes used.

Although the new uniform resembled older uniforms, with division color jackets, the new uniforms do not feature a collar for placement of rank insignia. Instead, insignia showing rank are placed on a lapel on the right breast. The ranking pips use the same general arrangements as the previous designs to show rank. (TNG episode: "All Good Things..."; DS9 episode: "The Visitor"; VOY episode: "Endgame"; ST reference: Star Trek Encyclopedia)

general wear Alt future cdt
enlisted/general wear
command division operations division sciences division
enlisted/general wear Alt future cmd Alt future ops Alt future sci[1]
chiefs Alt future cmd chief Alt future ops chief Alt future sci chief
line officers
command division operations division sciences division
ensign Alt future cmd ens[2] Alt future ops ens[3] Alt future sci ens
lieutenant junior grade Alt future cmd ltjg Alt future ops ltjg Alt future sci ltjg
lieutenant Alt future cmd lt Alt future ops lt[4] Alt future sci lt
lieutenant commander Alt future cmd ltc Alt future ops ltc Alt future sci ltc
commander Alt future cmd cmdr Alt future ops cmdr[5] Alt future sci cmdr[6][7]
captain Alt future cmd capt[8][9][10] Alt future ops capt Alt future sci capt
flag officers
command division operations division sciences division
rear admiral (one star) Alt future cmd radm1 Alt future ops radm1 Alt future sci radm1
rear admiral upper half Alt future cmd radm2 Alt future ops radm2 Alt future sci radm2
vice admiral Alt future cmd vadm[11] Alt future ops vadm Alt future sci vadm
admiral Alt future cmd adm4[12] Alt future ops adm4 Alt future sci adm4
fleet admiral Alt future cmd fadm Alt future ops fadm Alt future sci fadm
Federation Starfleet rank eras
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