The Federation Supreme Council was a governing body on Earth which convened in the Supreme Council Hall of the Government House in San Francisco. In 2266, the three members of the Council were the supreme chairman and vice chairmen Fado and Hajara.

That year, Captain James T. Kirk faced a preliminary hearing from the Supreme Council pursuant to a court martial on charges of treason. He was confronted with video evidence showing him accepting a bribe from Liji Bragg, the head of the illegal mining operation in the Ferrous-Asteroid Belt. Despite Kirk's protests, the Council placed him under city detention pending a court martial. Kirk conducted his own investigation and discovered that it was vice chairman Hajara who had framed him. (TOS comic: "The Trial of Captain Kirk")

In most other stories, the authority to call hearings and courts martial belonged to Starfleet Command, while the political authority above Starfleet is the Council of the United Federation of Planets.
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