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Shuttlecraft are a key component of Federation starships and facilities. These auxiliary vessels are used to ferry personnel and equipment between various locations, as well as give starships more options for their missions.

Types of Federation Shuttlecraft

See also unnamed Federation shuttlecraft classes.
image (not to scale) type service era
Class F shuttle.jpg Class F shuttlecraft
(aka S3-class)
Greyhound side.jpg Greyhound-class class I warpshuttle 23rd century
Pulsar side.jpg Pulsar-class class II warpshuttle 23rd century
Zodiac Spitfire.jpg Zodiac-class warp shuttle 23rd century
Wraith-class 23rd century
Aquashuttle-takeoff.jpg S4 class (aquashuttle) 2260s
S5-class 2270s
S6-class 2280s
Travelpod.jpg S10, S11-class & S12-class 2270s-2280s
Sc22 shuttle.jpg SC22-class 2360s
Sw7 shuttle.jpg SW7-class 2270s
Sw21 shuttle.jpg SW21-class 2360s
Tesla-class engineering shuttle 2370s
Type4 shuttle.jpg type-4 shuttlecraft 2280s-2300s
Type6 shuttle.jpg type-6 shuttlecraft 2350s-2370s
Type7 shuttle.jpg type-7 shuttlecraft (S20-class) 2350s-2370s
Type8 shuttle.jpg type-8 shuttlecraft 2370s
Type9 shuttle.jpg type-9 shuttlecraft 2370s
9a cargo shuttle.jpg type-9A shuttlecraft 2360s
Type10 shuttle.jpg type-10 shuttlecraft 2370s
Type11 shuttle.jpg type-11 shuttlecraft 2370s
Type15 shuttlepod.jpg type-15 shuttlepod 2350s-2360s
Type15 shuttlepod.jpg type-16 shuttlepod 2360s
Type18 shuttlepod.jpg type-18 shuttlepod 2370s
Argo side.jpg Argo-type 2370s
Craft image. McCall-class 2370s

Shuttlecraft by home ship

USS Defiant (NCC-74205) (I)

USS Defiant (NX-74205) Shuttlecraft
Name Number Class Last Known Status
Chaffee NX-74205, Shuttlecraft 1 Type-10 Active
Da Vinci Unknown Unknown Destroyed

USS Defiant (NCC-74205) (II)

USS Defiant (NX-74205) (II) Shuttlecraft
Name Number Class Last Known Status
Chaffee NX-74205, Shuttlecraft 1 Type-10 Active
Sagan Unknown Type-10 Active

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

see USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) shuttlecraft

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)

USS Enterprise-A shuttlecraft
name number class last known status
Brahe unknown
Copernicus NCC-1701-A/3 type-4 shuttlecraft active (2287)
Galileo NCC-1701-A/5 type-4 shuttlecraft wrecked (2287)
Galileo NCC-1701-A/5 SW7-class active (2287)
Heinlein NCC-1701-A/2 type-4 shuttlecraft active (2290)
Kepler [citation needed] [citation needed] active ([citation needed])

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) Shuttlecraft
Name Number Class Last Known Status
Albert Einstein Unknown Type-15 shuttlepod Active
Berman Unknown Type-6 shuttlecraft Active
Calypso Unknown Unknown Active
Campbell Unknown Type-15 shuttlepod Destroyed
Christopher Unknown Type-6 shuttlecraft Active
Cochrane Unknown Type-7 shuttlecraft Active
Collins Unknown Unknown Active
Curie NCC-1701-D/03 Unknown Destroyed
El-Baz NCC-1701-D/05 Type-15 shuttlepod Active
Fermi NCC-1701-D/16 Type-6 shuttlecraft Destroyed
Feynman NCC-1701-D/05 Type-7 shuttlecraft Active
Galileo NCC-1701-D/07 Type-6 shuttlecraft Active
Goddard NCC-1701-D/15 Type-6 shuttlecraft Active
Gould Unknown Type-7 shuttlecraft Active
Hawking Unknown Type-7 shuttlecraft Active
Hoyle Unknown Unknown Active
Isaac Newton Unknown Unknown Active
Justman NCC-1701-D/03 Type-6 shuttlecraft Active
Lewis Unknown Unknown Active
Ley NCC-1701-D/09 Type-15 shuttlepod Active
Magellan NCC-1701-D/15 Type-16 shuttlecraft Destroyed
Nadir Unknown Unknown Active
Nameme Unknown Unknown Active
Onizuka NCC-1701-D/07 Type-15 shuttlepod Active
Piller Unknown Type-6 shuttlecraft Active
Pike (I) Unknown Type-15 shuttlepod Unknown
Pike (II) NCC-1701-D/12 Type-15 shuttlepod Destroyed
Polo Unknown Unknown Active
Rahjah Unknown Unknown Active
Sakharov NCC-1701-D/01 Type-7 shuttlecraft Active
Voltaire NCC-1701-D/03 Type-15 shuttlepod Destroyed
unknown NCC-1701-D/13 shuttlecraft Destroyed
Decartes NCC-1701-D/11 Unknown Active

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)

USS Enterprise-E shuttlecraft
name number class status
Anaximenes Type-10 shuttlecraft active 2373
Archimedes Type-11 shuttlecraft active
Argo Argo-type active
Balboa Stellar-class active
Ballard destroyed
Brahe active
Calypso captain's yacht destroyed 2378
Chawla active
Cook type-9 shuttlecraft destroyed 2374
Cook Type-11 active 2376
Cortez active
Cousteau (I) captain's yacht scrapped 2375
Cousteau (II) captain's yacht active 2382
Edwards McCall-class active
Faraday active 2384
Galileo Type-11 active
Herschel active
Hudson active
Iacovino active 2384
Jefferies active
Kepler active
Keuka active
McCall McCall-class active
Mendel active 2384
Polo active
Riess active 2384
Siouxsie McCall-class active
Spinrad active 2380
Turing active
Wasp active 2378
Yeager McCall-class active

USS Excelsior

USS Excelsior shuttlecraft
name number class status
NC-1138 unnamed Federation shuttlecraft classes active (2285)
NX-2000/05A unnamed Federation shuttlecraft classes destroyed (2285)
NX-2000/E7 unnamed Federation shuttlecraft classes crashed (2285)
Bounty B'rel-class Klingon bird-of-prey crashed (2286)

USS Okinawa

USS Okinawa shuttlecraft
name number class status
Chatan active (2362)
Nago destroyed (2362)
Naha active (2362)

USS Voyager (NCC-74656)

USS Voyager (NCC-74656) Shuttlecraft
Name Number Class Last Known Status
Baxial Unknown Talaxian shuttlecraft Active
Carrington Unknown Unknown Active
Cochrane NCC-74656/04 Type-9 shuttlecraft Destroyed
Delta Flyer Unknown Flyer-class Destroyed
Delta Flyer II Unknown Flyer-class Active
Drake Unknown Type-8 shuttlecraft Destroyed
Sacajawea NCC-74656/05 Type-6 shuttlecraft Active
Tereshkova NCC-74656/01 Type-8 shuttlecraft Active

Palais de la Concorde (Earth)

Presidential Shuttlecraft
Name Number Class Last Known Status
al-Rashid Unknown Unknown Active
T'Maran Unknown Unknown Active
sh'Rothress Unknown Unknown Active


name number class posting last known status
Picasso SB11-1201/1 Class F shuttlecraft Starbase 11 active (2260s)
Balboa NCC-1622/1 Class F shuttlecraft USS Savannah (NCC-1622) active (2250s)
Kepler NCC-1705/2 Class F shuttlecraft USS Endeavor (NCC-1001) destroyed
Manhattan NCC-42296 (number unknown) unknown USS Hood (NCC-42296) destroyed
King James (number unknown) Class G shuttlecraft Starfleet Academy active (2280s-2290s)
Cousteau NCC-45167/(number unknown) shuttlepod USS Aries active (2367)
unknown NCC-2544/10 shuttlecraft USS Repulse active (2365)
McAuliffe NCC-1647/11 shuttlecraft USS Farragut active (23rd century)
Weyland NCC-28964/06 refit Type-4 shuttlecraft USS Balmung active (24th century)
Spitfire Zodiac-class Starfleet Academy active (2251)
unknown NCC-0514/37 medical shuttlecraft USS Kelvin active (2233) (Kelvin timeline)