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This page contains a list of Federation starships beginning with the letter F, ordered alphabetically by their name.

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Starships by state
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ship name registry class type
USS Fading Sun Constellation-class class XII exploratory cruiser/heavy cruiser
USS Fairchild
USS Fairfax NCC-39643 Niagara-class fast cruiser
USS Faithful Sovereign-class heavy explorer/battleship
USS Falchion Saber-class light cruiser/destroyer
USS Falcon Island Saber-class light cruiser/destroyer
USS Falkirk Defiant-class heavy escort/destroyer
USS Fall Den NCC-2790 Loknar-class (mk IV) class IX frigate
USS Falmor Hann NCC-9009 Thomas Paine-class class IX frigate
USS Faraday Oberth-class research vessel
USS Faraday Nebula-class cruiser/explorer
USS Fargo Defiant-class heavy escort/destroyer
USS Farragut NCC-1647/NCC-1702 Constitution-class (mk I/mk IX) class I/class XI heavy cruiser/cruiser
USS Farragut NCC-1729/NCC-1708 Constitution-class (mk IX-A/mk II Bonhomme Richard-subclass) class I/class XI heavy cruiser/cruiser
USS Farragut NCC-2021 Excelsior-class (mk II) class XIII exploratory cruiser/battleship
USS Farragut NCC-60597/NCC-60591 Nebula-class cruiser/explorer
USS Farragut NCC-2582 Excelsior-class class XIII exploratory cruiser/battleship
USS Farrar Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Farside NCC-2705 Loknar-class (mk I) class VII frigate
USS Fearless Akira-class
USS Fearless NCC-14598 Excelsior-class
USS Federation NCC-2100 Federation-class dreadnought
USS Fermi Nebula-class
USS Fermi NCC-20006 Oberth-class
USS Ferrel Constellation-class
USS Ferris's Folly
USS Fesoan Okinawa-class
USS Fiona Vincent NCC-8010 Ambassador Hardin-class heavy cruiser
USS Firebrand NCC-68723 Freedom-class
USS Firenze
USS Flabbjellah AGC-6-16 Sevaijen-class light cruiser
USS Flagstaff Constellation-class
USS Flamarion NCC-3818 Ptolemy-class
USS Flamsteed NCC-3913 Ptolemy-class
USS Fleming NCC-20316 Wambundu-class light cruiser
USS Fleming Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Florence NCC-60016 Moscow-class
USS Flying Fortress Rickenbacker-class
USS Foch NCC-4427 Larson-class destroyer
USS Fomalhaut NCC-1804 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Fomalhaut Federation repair ship repair ship
USS Fontana NCC-1793 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Forceful NCC-26270 Miranda-class
USS Formidable NCC-26226 Miranda-class
USS Formidable Defiant-class heavy escort/destroyer
USS Formidable Sovereign-class
USS Forrestal NCC-1751 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Fortuna
USS Foucault Nebula-class
USS Foundation Nova-class
USS Fracastor NCC-3872 Ptolemy-class
USS Franconia Steamrunner-class
USS Frankfurt Aerie-class
USS Franklin Akira-class
USS Franklin NCC-1743 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Franklin Defiant-class heavy escort/destroyer
USS Frederick NCC-4371 Larson-class destroyer
USS Fredrickson NCC-42111 Excelsior-class
USS Freedom Freedom-class
USS Freedom Oberth-class scout
USS Freeman Dyson NCC-72411 Nova-class
USS Freidland NCC-1781 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Fremont Nelson-class
USS Frontiersman [1] Galaxy-class
USS Frost Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Frost NCC-3938 Ptolemy-class
USS Fu Po Oberth-class science vessel
USS Fuji Federation mining freighter mining freighter
USS Fuller Miranda-class
USS Furious NCC-1704 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Furious NCC-26234 Miranda-class
USS Fusilier NCC-26264 Miranda-class
USS Fuso NCC-2019 Excelsior-class
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  1. This ship only appears in an unlicensed source and might not be a "real" vessel.
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