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This page contains a list of Federation starships beginning with the letter G, ordered alphabetically by their name.

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ship name registry class type source reference(s)
USS Gagarin Oberth-class (Gagarin-subclass) class V research vessel
USS Gagarin Saber-class
USS Gagarin scout
USS Gage NCC-11672 Apollo-class
USS Gaikos NCC-2740 Loknar-class frigate
USS Gaillot NCC-3832 Ptolemy-class
USS Galacta NCC-2003 Excelsior-class
USS Galahad
USS Galahad Defiant-class
USS Galatea NCC-80112 Luna-class
USS Galaxy NCC-70637 Galaxy-class
USS Galilei NCC-3808 Ptolemy-class
USS Galileo Nebula-class
USS Galina NCC-1764 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Gallant
USS Gallant NCC-1869 Miranda-class
USS Gallant NCC-74206 Defiant-class
USS Gallant NCC-74882 Intrepid-class
USS Gallant Akira-class
USS Gallant Apollo-class
USS Gallant Nebula-class
USS Gallas NCC-8009 Ambassador Hardin-class heavy cruiser
USS Galle NCC-3886 Ptolemy-class
USS Gallico DS9 episode: "Whispers"
USS Gallipoli NCC-4327 Larson-class destroyer
USS Gandhi NCC-26632 Ambassador-class
USS Ganges Federation mining freighter mining freighter
USS Ganymede NCC-80107 Luna-class
USS Garbo NCC-4323 Larson-class destroyer
USS Garnash Trell NCC-8011 Ambassador Hardin-class heavy cruiser
USS Garneau Oberth-class
USS Garneau Akira-class
USS Garrison Intrepid-class
USS Garros NCC-2774 Loknar-class frigate
USS Garuda Nebula-class
USS Gates Nebula-class
USS Gato Oberth-class science vessel
USS Gaudi Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Gauntlet Defiant-class
USS Gautier NCC-3846 Ptolemy-class
USS Gawain Defiant-class
USS Geary Federation construction ship construction ship
USS General A'thak NCC-8007 Ambassador Hardin-class heavy cruiser
USS Geneva Akira-class
USS Genghis Khan NCC-4375 Larson-class destroyer
USS Genser NCC-4404 Genser-class
USS Georgia Miranda-class
USS Georgia Steamrunner-class
USS Geronimo NCC-535 Saladin-class
USS Geronimo NCC-62501 Akira-class
USS Geronimo NCC-69302 Akira-class
USS Gettysburg Steamrunner-class
USS Ghar NCC-1786 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Ghondr NCC-1749 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Gettysburg NCC-3890 Constellation-class
USS Gettysburg NCC-4324 Larson-class destroyer
USS Gibraltar Constellation-class
USS Gibraltar Sovereign-class
USS Gibson Akira-class
USS Gihlan NCC-9761 Constellation-class
USS Gita
USS Gladstone Miranda-class
USS Glasgow Baton Rouge-class
USS Glenn NCC-1030 Crossfield-class DSC episode: "Context Is For Kings"
USS Glenn NF short story: "Singularity"
USS Glorious NCC-26237 Miranda-class
USS G'Mat DS9 episode: "Whispers"
USS Gneisenau NCC-1773 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Godard Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Goddard NCC-59621 Korolev-class
USS Godel Nebula-class
USS Gold NCC-3927 Ptolemy-class
USS Golden Hind
USS Goldreich NCC-3901 Ptolemy-class
USS Goldricke NCC-3859 Ptolemy-class
USS Goliath Akira-class
USS Goliath Intrepid-class
USS Gonzales Iwo Jima-class
USS Gorkon NCC-40521 Excelsior-class
USS Governor Gallas NCC-8009 Ambassador Hardin-class heavy cruiser
USS Graf Zepplin NCC-1726 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Graffias Federation repair ship repair ship
USS Graham Akira-class
USS Graham Constellation-class
USS Graham Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Grainer Defiant-class
USS Grant NCC-869 Akula-class destroyer
USS Grant NCC-4416 Larson-class destroyer
USS Grant Akira-class
USS Grant Defiant-class
USS Great Lakes
USS Great Smokey NCC-51967 Steamrunner-class
USS Greco Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Grenadier NCC-26263 Miranda-class
USS Grigni NCC-64967 Bradbury-class
USS Grissom NCC-638 Oberth-class (Gagarin-subclass) class V research vessel/scout
USS Grissom NCC-42857 Excelsior-class
USS Grundjaki NCC-9007 Paine-class
USS Grus NCC-624 Hermes-class scout
USS Grus Akula-class destroyer
USS Gryphon Akira-class
USS Guadalcanal NCC-4332 Larson-class destroyer
USS Guantanamo Bay Iwo Jima-class
USS Guardian NCC-26244 Miranda-class
USS Guardian NCC-47501 Guardian-class cruiser, intel starship
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