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This page contains a list of Federation starships beginning with the letter N, ordered alphabetically by their name.

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N[edit | edit source]

ship name registry class type
USS Nadeau Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Nadir Nova-class
USS Nagato NCC-3005 Royal Sovereign-class
USS Na'i'in
USS Nairobi Aerie-class
USS Nakarat NCC-1805 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Nakashima
USS Nakhimov NCC-4418 Larson-class destroyer
USS Naos Federation repair ship repair ship
USS Napoleon NCC-4344 Larson-class destroyer
USS Narcissus Defiant-class
USS Narvik Norway-class
USS Narwhal Oberth-class science vessel
USS Nash NCC-20105 Sydney-class
USS Nashira Federation repair ship repair ship
USS Nassau Aerie-class
USS Nathaniel Zar NCC-6016 Decker-class
USS Nath'qu NCC-71115 Steamrunner-class
USS Nautilus NCC-31910 Miranda-class
USS Nautilus Akira-class
USS Ndele NCC-1758 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Nebula NCC-2502 Constellation-class
USS Nebula NCC-60202 Nebula-class
USS Nelson
USS Nelson NCC-546 Saladin-class (Cochise-subclass) destroyer
USS Nelson NCC-1843 Miranda-class
USS Nelson NCC-7350 Nelson-class
USS Nelson NCC-74718 Intrepid-class
USS Nemesis NCC-72495 Defiant-class
USS Neptune Defiant-class
USS Nesvadba
USS New America NCC-2706 Loknar-class frigate
USS New Delhi Aerie-class
USS New Delphi NCC-2780 Loknar-class frigate
USS New Guinea Iwo Jima-class
USS New Orleans New Orleans-class frigate
USS New York NCC-2716 Loknar-class frigate
USS New York
USS New York Nebula-class
USS Newcomb NCC-3877 Ptolemy-class
USS Newell Nebula-class
USS Newton NCC-3822 Ptolemy-class
USS Newton Nebula-class
USS Ney NCC-533 Saladin-class
USS Ney NCC-4399 Larson-class destroyer
USS Nez Perce NCC-62891 Akira-class
USS Nhat-Le NCC-4391 Larson-class destroyer
USS Nherat NCC-6034 Decker-class
USS Niagara Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Niagara Niagara-class fast cruiser
USS Nicholas NCC-4429 Larson-class destroyer
USS Niels Bohr
USS Nightingale Daedalus-class
USS Nightingale NCC-60805 Nebula-class
USS Nile Federation mining freighter mining freighter
USS Nimitz
USS Nimitz NCC-4439 Larson-class destroyer
USS Nimitz Saber-class
USS Nimitz Sovereign-class
USS Niwen NCC-2306 Chandley-class
USS Nobel NCC-55012 Olympic-class
USS Nobel Nebula-class
USS Noma Ra Den NCC-2779 Loknar-class frigate
USS Nomad Defiant-class
USS Nordhaus Akira-class
USS Normandy NCC-4309 Larson-class destroyer
USS Norris Akira-class
USS Northridge
USS Norway Norway-class
USS Nostromo Akira-class
USS Nova NCC-2501 Constellation-class
USS Nova NCC-73515 Nova-class
USS Nowlan Antares-class
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