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This page contains a list of Federation starships beginning with the letter S, ordered alphabetically by their name.

To view a simpler, automatically alphabetized list, please reference the category:Federation starships.
Starships by state
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ship name registry class type
USS Saber NCC-79221 Saber-class
USS Sabine NCC-3879 Ptolemy-class
USS Sacajawea NCC-598 Hermes-class scout
USS Sackett
USS Sacramento Steamrunner-class
USS Sadat
USS Sagan NCC-20000 Sagan-class
USS Sagan NCC-75055 Intrepid-class
USS Sager Nelson-class
USS Sagittarius NCC-1894 Archer-class
USS Sagittarius NCC-2507 Constellation-class
USS Sagittarius NCC-71276 Zodiac-class
USS Sakai NCC-19794 Hokule'a-class
USS Saladin NCC-500 Saladin-class destroyer
USS Saladin NCC-4368 Larson-class destroyer
USS Saladin NCC-74350 Defiant-class
USS Saladin Nebula-class TNG novelization: Descent
USS Salamis NCC-4341 Larson-class destroyer
USS Salayna NCC-1774 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Salazar Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Salk NCC-761
USS Salk Nebula-class
USS Sal'koth
USS Sally Ride
USS Salos NCC-2781 Loknar-class frigate
USS Samaara NCC-1765 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Samantha Elass NCC-9016 Paine-class
USS Samantha Piper NCC-6035 Decker-class
USS Samara Uhura NCC-6008 Decker-class
USS Samson Miranda-class
USS Samson NCC-543 Saladin-class
USS San Antonio Constellation-class
USS San Diego Akula-class destroyer
USS San Diego Steamrunner-class
USS San Francisco NCC-74780 Galaxy-class
USS San Jacinto NCC-4407 Larson-class destroyer
USS San Martin NCC-4412 Larson-class destroyer
USS Sandage NCC-3919 Ptolemy-class
USS Sanderon Ambassador-class
USS Sandhusky Oberth-class science vessel
USS SanMiguol NCC-4379 Larson-class destroyer
USS Santa Fe New Orleans-class
USS Santissima Trinidad NCC-1742 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Sao Paulo NX-74205-A Defiant-class
USS Sarajevo Aerie-class
USS Sarajevo NCC-38529 Istanbul-class
USS Saratoga NCC-1724 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Saratoga NCC-1887 Miranda-class
USS Saratoga NCC-31911 Miranda-class
USS Saratoga NCC-31911-A Miranda-class
USS Saratoga Sovereign-class
USS Saratoga III NCC-3007 Royal Sovereign-class
USS Sardar NCC-1811 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Sarek
USS Sargon NCC-504 Saladin-class destroyer
USS Saskatoon combat support tender
USS Savannah Baton Rouge-class
USS Savannah NCC-1622
USS Savannah Defiant-class
USS Savannah New Orleans-class
USS Savannah II Baton Rouge-class
USS Savary NCC-3839 Ptolemy-class
USS Savior Steamrunner-class
USS Scarpa Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Scharnhorst NCC-1772 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Scheiner NCC-3893 Ptolemy-class
USS Schiaparelli NCC-3819 Ptolemy-class
USS Schilt Iwo Jima-class
USS Schirra Saber-class
USS Schmidt NCC-3880 Ptolemy-class
USS Schrödinger Nebula-class
USS Schultz NCC-4470 Larson-class destroyer
USS Schwabe NCC-3920 Ptolemy-class
USS Schweitzer Nebula-class
USS Scimitar Akira-class
USS Scimitar Saber-class
USS Scipio NCC-553 Saladin-class
USS Scipio NCC-4352 Larson-class destroyer
USS Scorpio NCC-71275 Zodiac-class
USS Scorpion Defiant-class
USS Scott NCC-4409 Larson-class destroyer
USS Scott Nebula-class
USS Scott Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Scovil NCC-1598
USS Sea of Tranquility
USS Seadragon Oberth-class science vessel
USS Seattle Akira-class
USS Seattle Ambassador-class
USS Seaview
USS Secchi NCC-3852 Ptolemy-class
USS Sedgemoor Tann NCC-9015 Paine-class
USS Seginus Federation repair ship repair ship
USS Semmes NCC-4423 Larson-class destroyer
USS Sempach Constellation-class
USS Sentinel Akira-class
USS Sentinel Miranda-class
USS Sentinel Sovereign-class
USS Sentry Advance-class
USS Seoul Aerie-class
USS Serapis NCC-52739 Miranda-class
USS Seyetik
USS Shaandra NCC-1795 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Shahr NCC-1745 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Shaitan NCC-519 Akula-class
USS Shaitan NCC-519 Saladin-class
USS Shanessa NCC-9005 Paine-class
USS Shapley NCC-3933 Ptolemy-class
USS Sharansky Akira-class
USS Shasta Federation mining freighter mining freighter
USS Shaula NCC-1841 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Shaula Federation repair ship repair ship
USS Shenvala NCC-10006 M'Benga-class
USS Shepard
USS Shepard NCC-631 Oberth-class scout
USS Shepard Saber-class
USS Sheridan NCC-4463 Larson-class destroyer
USS Shiku Maru
USS Shiloh NCC-4326 Larson-class destroyer
USS Shima'van
USS ShirKahr NCC-31905 Miranda-class
USS Shklovsky NCC-3866 Ptolemy-class
USS Shoonedev Sagan-class
USS Shorter Intrepid-class
USS Shras Ulysses-class
USS Sierra Steamrunner-class
USS Silimari NCC-60014 Moscow-class
USS Silversides
USS Sims NCC-8013 Ambassador Hardin-class heavy cruiser
USS Simms NCC-73048 Curry-class
USS Sinai Federation mining freighter mining freighter
USS Singapore Aerie-class
USS Singh Akira-class
USS Sinuiji NCC-1770 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Sioux NCC-1621 DSC episode: "Battle at the Binary Stars"
USS Sioux Defiant-class ST video games: Armada, Armada II
USS Sirius Daedalus-class
USS Sirius NCC-1744 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Sirius Federation repair ship repair ship
USS Sirius Major NCC-2524 Constellation-class
USS Sirocco Defiant-class
USS Sitak Miranda-class
USS Siva NCC-520 Saladin-class
USS Skoatar Sagan-class
USS Slayton Excelsior-class
USS Slipher NCC-3908 Ptolemy-class
USS Sloane Steamrunner-class
USS Smythe Akira-class
USS Snake Eyes Defiant-class
USS Sofia Aerie-class
USS Sogon NCC-2785 Loknar-class frigate
USS Sol NCC-1733 Constitution-class heavy cruiser ST reference: Star Fleet Technical Manual
USS Sol science vessel STO mission: "Fleet Alert"
USS Solomon Iwo Jima-class
USS Solstice NCC-72409 Nova-class
USS Solzhenitzyn Ranger-class explorer
USS Somers Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Somers Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Son Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Sorithias
USS Soryu NCC-1730 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Sovereign NCC-73811 Sovereign-class
USS Spaker NCC-596 Hermes-class scout
USS Spann Ranger-class explorer
USS Sparon Karekh-class
USS Sparrow
USS Sparrowhawk
USS Sparta
USS Spector NCC-65549 Akira-class
USS Speedwell Constellation-class
USS Sphinx Centaurus-class
USS Sphinx NCC-93469 Chimera-class heavy destroyer
USS Spica NCC-1815 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Spirit Akira-class
USS Spirit NX-79995 scout
USS Spitfire Defiant-class
USS Springfield Ranger-class explorer
USS St. Helen Federation mining freighter mining freighter
USS St. Lawrence Danube-class runabout
USS St. Mihiel Iwo Jima-class
USS Stafford Baker-class
USS Stafford Nebula-class strike cruiser
USS Stalingrad NCC-4461 Larson-class destroyer
USS Stalingrad Akira-class
USS Stalwart
USS Stalwart NCC-75635 Defiant-class
USS Stanley Federation mining freighter mining freighter
USS Star Empire NCC-2116 Federation-class dreadnought
USS Star League NCC-2101 Federation-class dreadnought
USS Star System NCC-2107 Federation-class dreadnought
USS Star Union NCC-2112 Federation-class dreadnought
USS Stargazer NCC-2893 Constellation-class
USS Stargazer NCC-2893-A Intrepid-class
USS Stargazer NCC-2893-A Stargazer-class
USS Starhawk
USS Starlight Iwo Jima-class
USS Starstalker
USS Steamrunner Steamrunner-class
USS Steele Federation mining freighter mining freighter
USS Stephen Decatur NCC-6015 Decker-class
USS Steuben NCC-10002 M'Benga-class
USS Stingray Oberth-class science vessel
USS Stockholm NCC-2789 Loknar-class frigate
USS Stockholm NCC-60018 Moscow-class
USS Stockholm NCC-18544 Miranda-class
USS Stonwin NCC-6031 Decker-class
USS Storta Saber-class
USS Strata
USS Strato Akira-class
USS Striker NCC-26250 Miranda-class
USS Stromming Defiant-class
USS Struve NCC-3840 Ptolemy-class
USS Stuart Nelson-class
USS Subra Federation repair ship repair ship
USS Sugihara
USS Sulam
USS Suleiman NCC-508 Saladin-class destroyer
USS Suleiman
USS Sullivan Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Summit Akira-class
USS Sumter Akira-class
USS Sun Tsu Steamrunner-class
USS Sun Tzu NCC-1581 Miranda-class
USS Sun Tzu NCC-2530 Sun Tzu-type
USS Sun Tzu NCC-4347 Larson-class destroyer
USS Sun Yat Sen Oberth-class science vessel
USS Sundrass NCC-9006 Paine-class
USS Surak Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Surak Oberth-class
USS Surishian Sagan-class
USS Surmass NCC-6026 Decker-class
USS Survil NCC-8003 Ambassador Hardin-class heavy cruiser
USS Susquehanna NCC-63419 Akira-class
USS Sussex NCC-2024 Excelsior-class
USS Sutherland Aegian-class
USS Sutherland NCC-72015 Nebula-class
USS Sutter NCC-63749 Steamrunner-class
USS Sverdlov NCC-1541 Miranda-class drone cruiser
USS Swiderek Federation construction ship construction ship
USS Swift NCC-3894 Ptolemy-class
USS Swiftsure
USS Swiftsure Galaxy-class
USS Sybil Oberth-class science vessel
USS Sydney NCC-2005 Sydney-class
USS Sydney NCC-2741 Loknar-class frigate
USS Syracuse Aerie-class
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