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This page contains a list of Federation starships beginning with the letter Y, ordered alphabetically by their name.

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Starships by state
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FerengiAlliance Starships of the Ferengi Alliance BreenConfederacy Starships of the Breen Confederacy
Borg Starships of the Borg Collective AndorianEmblem Starships of the Andorian Empire
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ship name registry class type
USS Yaan NCC-1762 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Yamaguchi NCC-26510 Ambassador-class
USS Yamashiro NCC-2015 Excelsior-class
USS Yamato NCC-1705 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Yamato NCC-71807 Galaxy-class
USS Yamato Sovereign-class
USS Yeager
USS Yeager NCC-1437
USS Yeager NCC-61947 Saber-class
USS Yeager NCC-65674 Federation light cruiser (Intrepid-variant)
USS Yellowstone NCC-70073 Sequioa-class
USS Yermakov
USS Yonada NCC-2729 Loknar-class frigate
USS York
USS Yorkshire Icarus-class
USS Yorkshire Yorkshire-class
USS Yorktown NCC-108 Daedalus-class
USS Yorktown NCC-1704 Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Yorktown NCC-2033 Excelsior-class
USS Yorktown NCC-61137 Zodiac-class
USS Yorktown NCC-90276 Sovereign-class
USS Yorktown Federation mining freighter mining freighter
USS Yosemite NCC-19002 Oberth-class scout
USS Yoshitomo Karasuma NCC-6014 Decker-class
USS Young NCC-3910 Ptolemy-class
USS Yukon (transport)
USS Yuma Aerie-class
USS Yung Sheng Oberth-class science vessel
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