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The Fer'Jai-class was a frigate starship in service of the Fek'Ihri Horde during the early 25th century. (STO mission: "Blood of the Empire")

Since the year 2409, this ship class was also available for the Klingon Defense Force, only deployed from the Kar'Fi-class battle carrier. (Fek'Ihri ship description on the Official Homepage)



The Fer'Jai-class frigate was the most common starship of the Horde. Klingon Kar'Fi-class battle carriers had the ability to store one such ship in its single hangar bay. (STO mission: "Blood of the Empire", STO homepage)


Fek'Ihri vessels followed a common design lineage and were marked by their rust-hued red hull coloration and their asymmetrical mainframe configuration. The central hull was dominated by a forward-facing, crimson deflector. Pincers sat at the bow and three large, sail-like wings were mounted on its port, while down-facing stings adorned the starboard side. A single impulse engine exhaust, also red-hued, was facing rearward. Smaller engines were mounted at the back of the frigate's wings. The Fer'Jai-class frigate had no discernible windows. (STO mission: "Blood of the Empire")

Fer'Jai-class frigates were larger than S'Kul-class fighters, but smaller than any other Fek'Ihri starship class. (STO missions: "Afterlife", "No Win Scenario")

Armaments and defenses[]

All Fek'Ihri ships were armed with antiproton weapons, including beam arrays and cannons. The Fer'Jai-class was also equipped with two torpedo launchers, one for chroniton torpedoes and tricobalt devices each. It had deflector shields and was capable of generating an aceton beam, an ability that improved damage resistance and dealt radiation damage to enemy targets.


In 2409, three Fek'Ihri portals opened in the asteroid ring of the Norgh system. Three squadrons of Fer'Jai-class frigates destroyed a Klingon Defense Force battle group but were defeated by reinforcements sent to investigate the loss of ships. Shortly after, more portals opened in the Praxis Belt above Qo'noS and more frigates appeared, attacking the main orbital shipyard and squadrons of birds-of-prey. In both instances, the Fer'Jai-frigates operated in groups of three vessels. Before their return, these ships were unknown to the KDF. (STO mission: "Blood of the Empire")

The Fek'Ihri employed these frigates, K'Norr-class escorts, Kar'Fi-class battle carriers and their fighter crafts to besiege Boreth and prevent Emperor Kahless, son of Kahless from reaching the Boreth Monastery. All Fek'Ihri ships were destroyed by the Klingon Defense Force. (STO mission: "Afterlife")

The KDF continued to practice fighting against ships of the Horde in battle simulation 347. (STO mission: "No Win Scenario")



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