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Ferasa was a star with an associated star system, located in the Ferasa sector of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. Ferasa was a white star white pronounced protuberances. (STO - Reckoning missions: "Caitian Diaspora", "Unforgiven of Ferasa")


The Caitian species evolved on Ferasa Prime, third planet of the Ferasa system. Circa 1609, a eugenics program involving nepeta leaves transformed Caitians into augments. With the augmented Ferasans prevailing, the non-augmented Caitians left the system and resettled far from Ferasan space. (STO - Reckoning mission: "Caitian Diaspora")

In 2409, the Ferasans allied with the Klingon Empire, and began serving in the Klingon Defense Force. (STO mission: "Call to Arms")



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