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Ferasa Prime, also Ferasa III or Ferasa for short, was a planet, a class M world located in the Ferasa sector of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant, in orbit of the Ferasa star system. Ferasa Prime was the third planet in its system, and the homeworld of the felinoid Ferasan and Caitian species. (STO - Reckoning missions: "Unforgiven of Ferasa", "Caitian Diaspora")


In the early 17th century, circa 800 years before 2409, a Caitian eugenics program aimed at creating Augments and involving Ferasan Nepeta leaves as psychotropic triggers leads to a split of the civilization of Ferasa. While the augmented Ferasans prevailed, the baseline Caitians retreat to a new homeworld - Cait - outside Ferasan space. (STO - Reckoning missions: "Unforgiven of Ferasa", "Caitian Diaspora")

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