The Ferasans were a felinoid species native to the planet Ferasa and closely related to the Caitians.

Biology and appearanceEdit

They have darker soft fur coats when compared to Caitians and had tails that assisted their balance. Their species had large eyes that assisted with night vision and held felinoid ears that were able to pick up frequencies that other humanoids were unable to hear. Ferasans had extended canine teeth along with large eyes. Some of them were noted for their telepathic abilities.

Though similar to the Caitians, the Ferasans were actually the products of a genetic engineering program.


The species considered themselves superior to their parent species. This led to them relishing the opportunity to prove this belief in combat. Ferasan culture was dominated by clans that were inter-related family based groupings that banded together for both conquest and defense. The highest prized quality among the species was loyalty though despite this being the case betrayals were common in their society. To another Ferasan, the greatest honor that could be given to a clan mate or captain was to remain faithfully through any adversity.


At some point, the Ferasans were actually unified with the Caitian species. Their development came after an extensive genetic engineering program that greatly modified the genome of the Ferasans.

As of 2409, they were a part of the Klingon Empire. (STO video game: Star Trek Online)

The Snap Dragon was a Ferasan pirate starship affiliated with the Orion Syndicate in the early 25th century. Its commander was Captain Fang. She and her crews were the champions of the arena in the Shangdu club on Nimbus III. (STO - "Wasteland" mission: "The Undying")

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