The Ferrous-Asteroid Belt

The Ferrous-Asteroid Belt was an asteroid belt located in System C-71 in the space of the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. In the late 22nd century, the discovery that the asteroids in the belt were composed of almost-pure iron resulted in an iron rush in which many asteroids were stripped or blown up. It was determined that the destruction of the belt was threatening nearby planetary orbits and all further mining was outlawed.

In 2266, pirates began running a major illegal mining operation in the Ferrous-Asteroid Belt. When local authorities were unable to catch them, the USS Enterprise was assigned to the case. They discovered a Bandit asteroid ship in the vicinity of the Camel asteroid and were forced to destroy it when it fired upon them. After Captain James T. Kirk was charged with accepting a bribe from the pirates, the Enterprise, now under Spock's command, returned to the Ferrous-Asteroid Belt to search for evidence which would clear Kirk. They discovered a second Bandit asteroid ship and pursued it to the system's fifth planet, Kibo/Ndora. (TOS comic: "The Trial of Captain Kirk")

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