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The Fett, or Forerunner A, were an ancient spacefaring civilization native to somewhere in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants of the galaxy, who reached their peak around 298,000 BCE (reference stardate −2,000/00), during the period of history known to historians as the Forerunner Era. The species was so named for the scientist, Fett, who discovered their spacefaring nature.

The Fett were known largely from fossil evidence. They were a chitinous species, perhaps resembling Earth's lobster. They were named after the Fett who determined that they were capable of space travel.

The origin, homeworld and decline of the Fett was unknown by the 23rd century. (FASA RPG - The Orions module: Book of Common Knowledge)

By the description and time-frame, the Fett could be the Siri.
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