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Survival course.
Ever since the wormhole was discovered as a shortcut to the far off Gamma Quadrant, Jake Sisko has been dying to go through it. Not only is the one-of-a-kind stable wormhole an incredible sight, but the trip through is a once-in-a-lifetime ride! Now, with a lot of urging from her students, Keiko O'Brien is leading a field trip through the wormhole to Cetus Beta, a very safe, boring planet on the other side. What could possibly go wrong?
But then a Cardassian raider shoots down their runabout! Now Jake, Nog, T'Ara, Ashley and the other students are trapped on a planet where plants rule: they move, run, eat… and scream. With a Cardassian search party closing in, the students find the runabout is useless and their tricorders are missing. And then suddenly, Jake and his friends come face-to-face with a new enemy… one who threatens their only hope of escape!

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Characters[edit | edit source]

Bren SenorChel BorasDanversDukatAshley FontanaKira NerysLekMarn LarenNogKeiko O'BrienMolly O'BrienPahat KalenQuarkRakt LoranRomBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoTadT'AraTaran Bakis
Referenced only 
Julian BashirDarl Tavros

Locations[edit | edit source]

Alpha QuadrantBajoran wormholeCetus BetaDeep Space 9Gamma QuadrantQuark's
Referenced only 
40 EridaniAndrosBajorBeta QuadrantEarthFire Falls of UsharaGardens of Pure DelightKai-tonaSolTrofar homeworldVulcan

Starships and vehicles[edit | edit source]

Cardassian raiderUSS Orinoco (Danube-class runabout) • shuttle
Referenced only 
USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class explorer)

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States and organizations[edit | edit source]

Bajoran MilitiaStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Science and classification[edit | edit source]

animalanti-sensor dampenerbotanyelectronic implantholodeckhologramlight yearPADDplantsensorsubspace radiotricorder

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asylumaway teambaseballcamouflageislandplanetScreaming MimiTingle Tanglerwater

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