Fiona Okafor (died 2246) was a human female of the 23rd century and a resident of the Federation colony on Tarsus IV.

Okafor was a maintenance worker on one of the colony's hydroponic farms. She was also a follower of former Governor Adrian Kodos. Following the murder of 4,000 colonists by Kodos and his followers, Okafor fled New Anchorage with Kodos and his other supporters.

During a firefight with Starfleet Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lorca and his team, a stray phaser beam hit a container of banned thermite grenades. The thermite promptly exploded, and Okafor and Kodos's aide Ian Galloway burned to death in the resulting fire. Their bodies were so badly burned that they could be identified only by DNA samples taken from them by a forensic pathologist. The pathologist identified Okafor, and as Kodos had earlier swapped his genetic records with Galloway's identified the male body as belonging to Kodos. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures)

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