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Firewall is a Star Trek: Picard novel by David Mack published in February 2024.


Seven of Nine has been refused either Federation citizenship or entry to Starfleet because of her connection with the Borg. She chooses to leave Earth and head to a distant region. There, she is contacted by a Federation Security Agency representative, Arastoo Mardani, who asks her to infiltrate the Fenris Rangers, formerly a law enforcement agency located in the Qiris sector but, since the fall of most of the governments in the area following the Federation's withdrawal of support to the area to focus on the Romulan evacuation, are now characterized as vigilantes.

Seven observes veteran Ranger Keon Harper attempting to break up a deal between Antican arms dealers and their Nausicaan customers. Realizing he is outnumbered, she steps in to help and ends up fleeing the planet with him back to the Ranger base, having destroyed the weapons shipment and taken the medical supplies being given as payment.

Accepted into the Rangers, Seven learns much of the misery in the sector is caused by a warlord, General Kohgish, and comes up with a plan to curtail some of his influence by regaining control of the weather control station on Soroya IV, which is currently causing a permanent drought. Although the Ranger leadership veto the idea, a number of Rangers agree to accompany Seven anyway. The operation initially succeeds, despite costing the life of one of their number, but Kohgish later launches a retaliatory bombardment that kills hundreds of thousands and will eventually render the entire planet uninhabitable.

Ranger Ellory Kayd works out that Kohgish is planning to extort money from a planet and then use the funds to buy a decommissioned Talarian warship that will officially make him the largest power in the sector. She proposes a plan to corrupt the bank transfer and empty his account, which is accepted by the Ranger leadership and succeeds. In the process, they learn that much of Kohgish's funds came from the Federation Security Agency, which they make public.

Kathryn Janeway is contacted by the FSA, having been made aware of Seven's situation. It transpires that Mardani is actually a rogue former agent, Erol Tazgui, who used their funds to support Kohgish, intending to install him as a proxy ruler in an area between Federation and Romulan space.

Seven and Harper are sent to collect Kohgish's former funds, now converted into latinum, and take them to the bank on Freecloud. However, Tazgui and Kohgish employ a number of bounty hunters, one of whom, a Romulan named Veris, prevents them from landing. They are forced to take refuge on the desolate planet Zirat. Tazgui sends Borg-killing drones after them, killing Harper and retrieving the latinum. Ellory, with whom Seven has begun a relationship, arrives to rescue her but they come under attack from Veris again. They are rescued by personnel from the USS Dauntless, now under Janeway's command.

With Janeway sharing the Federation's view of the Rangers as vigilantes, Seven and Ellory end up stealing Veris' ship in order to disrupt Kohgish's purchase of the warship. The pair are able to board Kohgish's ship and neutralise everyone there, as well as recovering the latinum. The Dauntless arrives to arrest Tazgui and take possession of the Talarian warship, with Seven and Ellory returning Veris' ship to them and leaving with Ranger reinforcements to deliver Kohgish for trial. Seven chooses to remain with the Rangers.



AsenciaBallard (Fenris Ranger)Shawna BensonBrooks (Lieutenant)ChongDarushaBoash gev Deg • Brody Dehler • Dokar (Lieutenant)FeenoKeemah GeissGurkha • Qulla Hain • Keon HarperJalen ParKathryn JanewayEllory KaydSorno KelRokkash KholKohgishL'KelMaruuk • Katya PakaskiRana (Fenris Ranger)Lucan SagastaSaszykSeven of NineShrenSolok (Captain)John SpeirsErol Tazgül/Arastoo MardaniTysessVerisSofia YaakolaYivvLeniker ZehgaZhang Weiunnamed Nausicaansunnamed Tiburonians
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Axum • BruntChakotayThe DoctorGreshIrene HansenHarry KimYo-Yo MaMaxxNeelixTom ParisB'Elanna TorresValariusNaomi Wildman

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AmarokBolvangarUSS DauntlessErisLaniakeaMjolnirNodokataOkamiUSS T'KalaStarfire 500 prowler
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USS VoyagerBorg cube


AchlysAltaArendelCape TownEarthFafnir Heights • FenrisThe Kettle • Kevrik systemLambda HydraeMacassar BeachMonsoon • NymeriaOtroya IIQiris sectorSan FranciscoSenya ColonySkånevik PrimeSoroya IVSouth AfricaStarheimUtsira III
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Alderi IIIDelta QuadrantFreecloud • HaakonaIzarJofur Park • RomulusStardust City • TaQ'hor • Unimatrix ZeroVoll system

Races and cultures[]

Andorian • AnticanArgelianBajoranBalduk • BetelgeusianBolianBorgCardassianCatullanChalnoth • HumanNausicaanOrion • RomulanSaurianSelayanTalarian • TellariteTiburonianTrillVulcanZakdorn
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States and organizations[]

Amyl's Night RateBank of Ferenginar • Borg CollectiveFederationFederation Security AgencyFenris RangersStarfleet

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galaxyplanetquadrantspacestarstar systemtimeuniverse




Federation News Network

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Food and drink[]
Belgarian Sunsetraktajino

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admiralcommand divisioncrewcommanding officerFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2380s)officerrank

Other references[]

bootclothingemotiongovernmenthairpantsraces and culturesscienceStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2380s)statetitletunicuniformfirewallmosh pitneopunkclub musicslam dancingdaimyonon-governmental organizationmoney launderingforensic accountingmaglevhuntsman spiderOmicron particleVehicle replicatornews cyclemetadata


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