The First Circle is the Head of State for the Tarn Empire. The First Circle position is filled by one of the Tarn Royal Circles. The First Circle works with the Council of Circles to lead the Tarn government and Tarn Imperial Fleet.

The Royal Circle that fills the First Circle position can change depending upon the circumstances. When the Royal Circle negotiated a cease fire with the Federation at the end of the Federation-Tarn War, that circle soon fell out of favor and was replaced as the First Circle.

In 2367 the First Circle position was held by the Karuuki circle. They were concerned that a war might be needed to remain in the First Circle position. When the incident in the Torgu-Va system arose, they looked at this as an opportunity to start another war with the Federation.

At one point in Tarn history, they had an Emperor. It is not known if this position is still filled within the First Circle.


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