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Lela Dax, a newly joined Trill woman and member of the Trill ruling council, defies her fellow legislators when an unknown alien vessel appears in orbit and refuses to leave.


Lela Dax has been called to the Trill space center, where she finds the scientists in an uproar. The cause is an alien ship that has arrived in orbit. While Trill made first contact with the Vulcans decades earlier, the arrival of any alien vessel is an unexpected event. Trill sends a message to the alien vessel to leave, but Lela is keen to find out the reason that the aliens have come to their world. Contact with the aliens is difficult, and just after Lela tries to talk with them, the aliens attack Trill and steal acelon from a processing centre. Lela asks for information on the aliens from T'Pau of Vulcan.



Lela DaxLytusDarzen OdanSitlasT'Pau
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Zefram CochraneDax

Starships and vehicles

L'Dira starship
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Caves of Mak'alaTrill
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Races and cultures

L'DiraTrillTrill symbiontVulcan
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States and organizations

Guardians of the Caves of Mak'alaSymbiosis Evaluation BoardTrill CouncilTrill Diplomatic CorpsTrill Spaceflight Center

Other references

acelonfirst contactholoIDICplanetary defense gridTrill councillorVulcan emissaryVulcan saluteWorld War III


Background information

  • Kristine Kathryn Rusch commented "I was working in a relatively uncharted part of Trek history. I didn't have much lore to go on, and we don't know a lot about Trill. So I made some things up, and I worried about that. I needn't have worried , I guess. Everything went through very well". (Star Trek: Communicator, issue #126, p. 60)
  • In the story, T'Pau describes Vulcan's "most recent encounter" with a new race, clearly describing humans and the events of that first contact in 2063. It was left unclear exactly how "recent" this was, but given the repeated references to Lela's youth, it is reasonable to place this story fairly close to that event. The timeline in Voyages of Imagination gives the year as 2075.

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