These log entries were made by the First officer for the USS Enterprise (alternate reality).




  • The Galileo Seven, Part 1
    • First officer's log, stardate 2823.3 
      "Despite the Murasaki Effect compromising the Galileo's control systems, Mr. Latimer showed exceptional skill in piloting the shuttle towards the nearest inhabitable planet. Considering the circumstances, our landing was most successful."


  • TOS - Lost Apollo comic: "Part 2"
    • First officer's log, supplemental. 
      Our routine survey of the unexplored class-M planet Hinrichs Five encountered complications when the Enterprise lost contact with the away team led by Captain Kirk.
      I beamed down to the planet with a security team in attempt to locate the captain and the others.
      Upon finding them, we engaged a particularly aggressive specimen of the planet's native fauna.
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