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Dr. Fitzgerald (also known as Dr. Bist) was a male human physician in the 24th century Starfleet.

He was chief surgeon on Caldik Prime while Tom Paris was stationed there.

By 2371, he held the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was assigned to the USS Voyager. He performed physicals on Harry Kim and Tom Paris, but didn't bother to hide his dislike of Paris in light of Paris' spotty record and imprisonment. He later shared a meal with Kim in the mess hall, but promptly left when Paris arrived. Fitzgerald was one of the casualities of Voyager's transport into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. (VOY novelization: Caretaker)

In VOY novella: The Badlands, Part III, Fitzgerald is referred to as Dr. Bist. However in canon, he is unnamed.


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