The 'Flag of the United Federation of Planets is the patriotic banner used to represent the United Federation of Planets in a variety of situations. The flag consists of a rectangle constituted by a field of blue, upon which is placed in the center the Great Seal of the United Federation of Planets. Beneath the seal, in white Federation Standard letters, is written the legend "UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS."

The Flag of the United Federation of Planets hangs behind the desk of the Presidential Office and behind the podium in the chambers of the Federation Council in the Palais de la Concorde, and was often used as a patriotic symbol during the Dominion War. Flags of the Federation are also often drapped over the coffins of fallen Federation Starfleet officers. (Articles of the Federation, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Tales of the Dominion War.)

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