Flavius was a Human man, a centurion who served under Julius Caesar in the army of the Roman Empire in the first century B.C.


In 54 B.C., Flavius assembled the Twelfth legion, Twentieth legion, and Twenty-second legion for Caesar prior to the start of the Battle of Alesia, just before the end of the historic Gallic Wars campaign which led to the emergence of the Roman Empire. Caesar had decided to advance northward and attack Gaul, ignoring the threat of Aranius' cavalry on the right flank and a series of hidden catapults on the left flank.

In 2269, Yeoman Deb Colotti daydreamed about being Julius Caesar. She imagined herself listening to Flavius' report on the status of the Roman army and announcing Caesar's next move. Before she could leave with him to address the soldiers, however, the daydream was interrupted by her section chief. (TAS - Log Three novelization: Once Upon a Planet)

Caesar did experience this turning point in history. The date, battle and war come from historical records. For purposes of this wiki, Flavius was assumed to be an historical figure, though he might have been a fictional character imagined by Colotti.



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