Fleet Setup Station was a Federation space station, a Watchtower-class starbase in Starfleet service in the 2370s decade. Fleet Setup orbited a blue planet in Federation space, in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrant. The station was equipped with workbees to repair battle-damaged starships. (ST video game: Trexels missions: "Events", "Klingon Invasion", "Breen Barrier")


In the 2370s decade, Fleet Setup Station was the base of operations for starships defending Federation space against incursions by the Klingon Empire. (ST video game: Trexels missions: "Events", "Klingon Invasion")

Later, the station was involved in a conflict with Cardassians. (ST video game: Trexels mission: "Events")

During a trial of a Breen between the Federation, the Breen blockaded the border between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire, to prevent the extradition of the prisoner to the Romulans. Fleet Setup Station served readily as refueling and repair station for Starfleet forces challenging the Breen blockade. (ST video game: Trexels missions: "Events", "Breen Barrier")


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