A fleet station was a type of space station, an orbital megastructure encircling an entire planet. (STO - "Future Proof" mission: "Time and Tide", TNG comic: "Deviations")


The Galactic Union colony of New Khitomer included the Temporal Fleet Station. The station had a square cross section and was suspended in low orbit above the surface. Equidistant pillars as thick as the main hull connected the station with New Khitomer's surface. In 2769, the Temporal Fleet Station was part of the Allied temporal defense network, and the site of the historic signing of the Temporal Accords. (STO - "Future Proof" mission: "Time and Tide")

Alternate timelinesEdit

In an alternate timeline where the Romulans conquered the Federation in the 2260s decade, a green Romulan fleet station encircled Earth. Its cross seection was round. The interior included docking berths for trophy starships of the 23rd century, and windows for a view on Romulan-held, desertified Earth. In the 2360s, a group of Human rebels, led by William T. Riker, transported themselves onto the Romulan fleet station. (TNG comic: "Deviations")

Known fleet stationsEdit

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