A flowering vine plant is a type of unnamed carnivorous plant lifeform native to the rogue planetoid Anomaly in the 23rd century.


The flowering vine plant had a dark red, shaggy core approximately two meters wide that smelled like rotting compost. Branching off were hundreds of centimeter-thick, green-and-white-colored vines. These tendrils were prehensile and seemly capable of independent movement. Blooming all through the vines were thousands of red flower petals which gave off a sugary-sweet smell. Vine masses ensnared animal prey and deposited it in the plant's center, which was full of an extremely corrosive digestive acid.


In 2269, a landing party from the USS Enterprise was stranded on Anomaly while exploring the world's Mesozoic Era-type plant and animal life. The team wore body armor to protect against voracious predators and dealt with malfunctioning phasers. During a foray to the nearest body of water, the group including James T. Kirk and six security officers took notice of a flowering vine plant.

On their way back, vines grabbed at Alan Huff's legs. Hevelin pulled Huff away from the plant, but a vine tore a machete out of Hevelin's hand, then dozens of the weaving vines dragged him swiftly into the plant's center. Bounds quickly retrieved a bottle of alcohol and lit the plant on fire, but Hevelin's body had already been partially dissolved through his body armor. (TOS novel: Planet of Judgment)




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