The Flying Dutchman was a ghost ship in old-Earth folklore, a ship that could never return home, and was doomed to sail the seven seas for eternity.

In the 22nd century several of the MACOs on the starship Columbia (NX-02) nicknamed their ship the flying dutchman in reference to the folktale after Captain Hernandez made the decision to travel at sub-warp speeds using the time dilation effect to get to the planet Erigol. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

In 2156, Malcolm Reed compared the vibe given off by a M'klexa vessel to the Flying Dutchman. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: To Brave the Storm)

In 2264, Captain James T. Kirk compared the mysteriously disappearing planet M-155 to the Flying Dutchman. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

Later the nickname was also applied to the USS Enterprise-B by some members of Starfleet, as a reference to the starship's maiden-voyage in which Captain Kirk was believed killed. (TOS novel: The Captain's Daughter)

During Rokan's "interrogation" of John Harriman in 2296, he mentioned the "Flying Dutchman" nickname in an attempt to break Harriman's will. (ST - Enterprise Logs short story: "Shakedown")

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