Flynk was a Ferengi actor, famed for his roles in the Swamp King series of holographic productions.

Flynk earned the Golden Lobe award for his work in Privateer of the Swampways, the first installment in the Swamp King series, and for seven consecutive years was given the title "Sexiest Lobes on Ferenginar". In one of the final Swamp King productions, Swamp King at Sunset, Flynk gave the role of the cabin boy to future famous comedian Gormie Gormatop.

Flynk was married at least eight times. His eighth wife was also briefly married to Dirf.

Flynk died at the age of fifty of a beetle snuff overdose in a notorious Kefkan accommodation house. Grand Nagus Zek declared a world-wide day of mourning following Flynk's death. Flynk was vacuum desiccated following his death and his remains sold, though because of his decadent lifestyle, there was unusually little of his corpse able to withstand the desiccation process. Also, high levels of wormwine, beetle snuff, tuberessent oil, dextramethametroheblezine and other contaminants made his remains highly combustible.

Following his death, a number of famous musicians joined together to record the compilation album, A Tribute to Flynk: Twenty-Seven Artists Get Together to Make Money off a Dead Star. Another memorial to Flynk was held thirty years after his death, when Gormie Gormatop and Dirf agreed to share a stage for the first time in their careers.

Flynk's most famous catchphrase, "Never ask when you can take," became of the 52nd Rule of Acquisition, as well as the title of a song by the group Success. (DS9 reference: Legends of the Ferengi)

An audio commercial for the vacuum dessicated remains of Flynk, as it was presented on the Ferengi Commodities Exchange, was included in the audiobook of Legends of the Ferengi.
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