For the Vulcan in the mirror universe, see T'Shen (mirror).

The Followers of T'Shen are a small commune who are devoted to the ways of healing and preserving life, as dictated in the Path of Shan. They are known to teach their ways to outsiders and even include non-Vulcans.

Many are known to visit the commune for its combination of peacefulness and accessibility, and some even learn different healing techniques. The commune also teaches several methods of meditation and trance-inducing techniques. The use of biofeedback to strengthen the mesiofrontal cortex is a common teaching here, although some orthodox followers of Tu-Surak say that using mental disciplines to interfere physically with emotion cheapens the effort involved and endangers the practitioner should he suffer trauma to that area.

Small credit donations are requested in exchange for instruction and for staying at the commune. These are more symbolic than economic in modern times; the amount (in Vulcan rials) has famously remained unchanged since (according to legend) Surak himself carved the suggested donation into the obsidian wall of the reception area.

The base of their commune is located about ten kilometers east of ShiKahr. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans)

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