The Followers of T'Vet are a sect present within Vulcan society that reject the teachings of Surak.

The group prized physical strength and saw that modern Vulcan civilization had encouraged weakness. They believed that every Vulcan child had to survive the Kahs-wan maturity test and those that did not pass had to either die or not be allowed to get married. Their basic argument was that when struggle was removed from life, the weak survive to propage and racial strength was diluted. Despite this being the case, modern Vulcan had complete religious and political freedom which meant that the Followers of T'Vet were tolerated with even a few of their number elected in every session of the Vulcan High Council. Their beliefs meant that they were outraged by those members of their race that took females of other species as mates whilst they were infuriated at the thought of Vulcan females mating with males of other species. This was because they felt that a warrior had every right to win females of other clans either through combat or by trickery. (TOS novel: The Vulcan Academy Murders)

They advocated the racial purity of their race and the removal of all offworlder influence on Vulcan. By the 23rd century, the violent members of this religious group were exiled to Vulcan Colony 9 in order for them to live out their traditionalist ways as they saw fit. (TOS novel: The IDIC Epidemic)

As they reject the teachings of Surak, the Followers of T'Vet can be seen as separate from the V'tosh ka'tur who attempt to find a balance between logic and emotion. They were presumably named after the goddess and patron saint of warriors T'Vet.


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