Fomalhaut (Alpha Piscis Austrini) was an A class star with an associated system that was located a number of parsecs away from Earth and the Sol system, in Federation space, near the border between the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

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This star is located a very short distance from Nakarat, which is considered to be its companion star.

It was usually visible from Earth in the southern hemisphere, but was visible in the northern hemisphere in November just above the horizon, directly under Alpha Pegasi and Alpha Persei, the two stars on the right side of the main body of the Pegasus constellation. (TOS novella: The Truth Machine)

The Federation starship USS Fomalhaut was named for this location. (TOS reference: Star Fleet Technical Manual)

Fomalhaut was the site of three heavily-populated Federation member planets, including Grammen Park and Hastings. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)

The third planet had a mixed population of 3.57 billion and was known for its culture, but was not identified by name or position in the system in The Federation.

This system is also the location of the uninhabited desert planet Fomalhaut V, which supported a hidden base for the rebel Armies of Fomalhaut. In 2267, the Federation starship USS Enterprise visited the system. (TOS novella: The Truth Machine)

In the 25th century, it was designated within sector 007 (the Tellar sector) of the Alpha Quadrant, along with Memory Alpha, Tellar and Altair. (STO mission: "The Iconian War")

No history or specifics are established for this location in Starfleet Command III, as its name was arbitrarily selected for a Federation system on the game map by the game software, with random attributes.

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