The Forge was a secret space station that was located within the Romulan Star Empire which was believed to had been present in deep space near the Eta Crucis system.

This hidden research base was known to had been working on Borg technology with regeneration chambers present in one of the laboratories whilst the station itself was outfitted with a central power matrix which was similar to those found on Borg cubes. The Klingon Empires intelligence division had been aware of the existence of the Forge for some though many believed that such a secret base that equipped starships with the most advanced technology in the quadrant to had been a myth. It was only during the events of the Hobus star crisis when the mining vessel Narada devastated a Klingon task force with advanced technology were the rumors treated as being true. Reconstruction of the Narada's movements led to Imperial Intelligence determining that the ship had stayed in the Eta Crucis system for several days and thus believed it to had been the site for the Forge.

On Stardate 66710.12, the Klingon Defense Force under direction from Imperial Intelligence dispatched the Qiv, Tagek and Ki'tang to find this facility. However, after four days of searching, the Klingon fleet discovered the station which was empty; its computer cores had been wiped clean though some information was discovered which proved that the projects the facility was being used for were not abandoned. The task force later expanded their search to find the creators of the Forge and find absolute proof of the Narada being a product of Romulan experimentation with Borg technology. However, during this expanded search, the Klingon fleet was destroyed by an unknown Romulan vessel with enhanced capabilities.

The Countdown comics refer to the facility as The Vault whilst STO calls it as the Forge.

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