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Forgotten History is a Star Trek novel by Christopher L. Bennett, published by Pocket Books in 2012. The novel is the second in the Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations series.


The agents of the Department of Temporal Investigations are assigned to look into an anomaly that has appeared deep in Federation territory. It's difficult to get clear readings, but a mysterious inactive vessel lies at the heart of the anomaly, one outfitted with some sort of temporal drive disrupting space-time and subspace. To the agents' shock, the ship bears a striking resemblance to a Constitution-class starship, and its warp signature matches that of the original Federation starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701—the ship of James T. Kirk, that infamous bogeyman of temporal investigators, whose record of violations is held up by DTI agents as a cautionary tale for Starfleet recklessness toward history. But the vessel's hull markings identify it as Timeship Two, belonging to none other than the DTI itself. At first, Agents Lucsly and Dulmur assume the ship is from some other timeline… but its quantum signature confirms that it came from their own past, despite the fact that the DTI never possessed such a timeship. While the anomaly is closely monitored, Lucsly and Dulmur must search for answers in the history of Kirk's Enterprise and its many encounters with time travel—a series of events with direct ties to the origins of the DTI itself…


The Enterprise's experiences with time travel draw the attention of a senior Starfleet officer, Antonio Delgado, who discovers that the ship's cold restart above Psi 2000 have charged the engines with chronitons and made it capable of time warp. Kirk and his crew are initially enthusiastic about Delgado's desire to explore the idea but when a number of incidents nearly alter the timeline they change their minds. A committee is set up to explore the possibility, headed by archeologist Meijan Grey, and evolves into the Department of Temporal Investigations.

When the Enterprise's five-year mission ends, Delgado takes advantage of the refit to acquire the old engines and uses them to build the Timeship One, intended to take a short jump into the future. However, before they can do so a duplicate Timeship One returns from the future, with its dying crew explaining they went too far and succumbed to Hawking radiation. When the launch is cancelled, the duplicate Timeship One and its crew vanish, proving timelines can be erased. Grey decides to more closely regulate temporal experimentation.

However, the Enterprise is then involved with an incident with a Vedala planetoid, which causes them to swap places with the Vulcan ship Muroc from the alternate timeline that the Onlies came from. With humans having never developed space travel, in this timeline V'Las turned the Vulcans into a military power who are at war with a Klingon/Andorian alliance. The ship is caught in the crossfire before Kirk allies himself with the Vulcans. Meanwhile, Spock, in his own timeline aboard the USS Hypatia, discovers the alternate T'Pring is aboard the Muroc. After they experience pon farr together, he tells her how to find the still lost Kir'Shara and they work together to swap the Enterprise and the Muroc again.

Although the Vedala demand the Federation surrender the planetoid and its technology, Grey and Delgado remove one of their drives and use it to construct the Timeship Two, hoping to travel into the past or future of another timeline. Instead, they create a confluence with the 2383 of their own timeline. That era's Department of Temporal Investigation intervene and, reviewing confidential files, are surprised by Kirk and Grey's relative role in proceedings.

The Enterprise answers a distress call from Timeship Two and Kirk beams aboard with a landing party. They are disturbed by the intervention of a Klingon/Andorian ship from the 2383 of the alternate timeline, which threatens to alter history so the Klingons gain advanced technology and conquer the Federation. They are saved by the alternate T'Pring, who managed to turn Vulcan towards peace and end the war with most of the Klingons and Andorians.

Lucsly and Dulmur board the Timeship Two and Lucsly reluctantly gives Kirk the information needed to reprogramme the ship's engines to emit a cancellation wave. Kirk directs Spock and Scotty to do the same with the Enterprise, giving the crew the knowledge to time travel in any ship, and the timeline is restored.

The Vedala reclaim the technology and Grey and Delgado are allowed to retire quietly. In the future, the DTI choose to continue to believe the myth with regard to Kirk and Grey.

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AkaarLeonard James AkaarNeil ArmstrongIsaac AsimovB'kashBalokIsambard Kingdom BrunelGlynnis CampbellBonnie Prince CharlieJohn ChristopherZefram CochraneDamoclesElisa DelgadoDuane Jard ElbirEleenJohn GlennAmanda GraysonHypatiaKautilyaEdith KeelerGeorge Samuel Kirk, Jr.KorRoger KorbyKraseAlexey LeonovChab jav LorgJoanna McCoyLorne McLarenHarcourt Fenton MuddSamuel Solomon QasrSaavikSarekGary SevenSolkarStonnAhmed SuleimanSurakSybokT'PauValentina TereshkovaV'GerV'LasKenneth WescottZora

Starships and vehicles

VHC Ahn-Woon (security vessel) • USS Capitoline (Vesta-class) • USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • USS Everett (Nova-class scout) • USS Hypatia (Capella-class) • VHC Muroc (Protectorate ringship) • Thorn of Justice (Compact warship) • Timeship One (timeship) • Timeship Two (timeship) • travel podworkbee
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IKS AmarApollo 11argosyUSS BostonHMS BountyUSS BozemanDoomsday machineEnterprise (NX-01)ISS EnterpriseUSS ExeterF-104 StarfighterChR Gal Gath'thongUSS IntrepidIKS KlothosUSS NeumannECS PhiladelphiaSuurok-classtugVerityVoyager 6USS Zheng He


Black Star systemChasav IIIEarth (Greenwich (DTI Headquarters), LondonNorth America (Briefing Room 14, Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco) Palais de la Concorde, Paris) • Earth SpacedockGamma 400Lembatta ClusterLunaPelos (Imperial Palace) • Prime MeridianSolStarbase 9Starbase 12Vedala planetoidWarlock Station
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Aldebaran IIIAlpha Centauri III (New Samarkand) • Andor (LaibokSheineth Province) • Argelius IIArgoAxanarAxis of TimeBeta IIIBeta NiobeBlack StarCapella IVCoridanCygnet XIVDavlosDelta TriangleDenobula • Earth (AberdeenGreenwich ParkMount VesuviusPompeiiRoyal Observatory) • ElysiaEminiar VIIEnceladusEpsilon IX stationEpsilon EridaniFederation-Klingon borderGalos SigmaGamma 7AGamma Trianguli VIGatewayGliese 229HellguardIcor IXIthenIzarJupiterMakus IIIMarsMestikoMiri's homeworldMirror universeMutara sectorNeuralOmega IVOmicron Ceti IIIOort cloudOrionPaan MokarPsi 2000RegulusRegulus IIIRigel XIISarpeidonSaturnSauriaSector 006Sherman's PlanetSkagwaySplit InfiniteStarbase 23Talos IVTiburonVendikarVenusVulcan (Mountains of Gol)

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States and organizations

Cambridge UniversityChronal Assessment CommitteeEuropean AllianceFederation CabinetFederation Department of Temporal InvestigationsFederation Intelligence CouncilFederation Science CouncilFederation StarfleetInstitute of Galactic HistoryInstitutes of the Federation Science CouncilKhitomer AllianceKlingon-Andorian CompactStarfleet CommandStarfleet OperationsStarfleet Science OperationsTandaran Institute of Temporal StudiesUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited States of AmericaVulcan Protectorate
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AegisApollo programBorg CollectiveCentral Research Institute of Aldebaran IIIEarth CentroplexGathererGorn HegemonyGreat Western RailwayKlingon-Romulan AllianceMasters of GolNazi GermanypressRegulus III Science AcademyRigel coloniesRomulan Star EmpireSmithsonian Orbital AnnexStarfleet ControlStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet Inspector General OfficeStarfleet IntelligenceTemporal Integrity CommissionTen TribesTerran EmpireTholian AssemblyUnited Earth Space Probe AgencyUnited States Air ForceVulcan High Command

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administratoradmiralagentaideambassadorartistassistant chief engineerastronautastronomerauthorbureaucratcaptainchairchiefchief engineerchief medical officerChief of Starfleet OperationsChief of Starfleet Science Operationschief science officerchief scientistclerkcommandercommanding officercommodorecommunications officerconsultantcouncillorcrewmanDeputy Chief of Starfleet Science Operationsdeputy directordiplomatdirectordoctorensignexecutive officerexplorerFederation Secretary of Sciencefiancéfirst officerfreshmangovernorgunnerHead of ResearchhelmsmanHigh Teerhistorianinspectorjunior clerkjunior researcherlieutenantlieutenant commanderline officerMasters of Golmathematicianmedical technicianmedtechnursepetty officerphilosopherphysicianphysicistpoetpoliticianPresident of the United Federation of Planetsprofessorprotestorpyromaniacquantum physicistqueenrear admiralrefugeeresearcherscholarschoolmatronscience adviserscientistsecurity chiefsecurity guardsecond officersenior officersenior physicistsergeantsharpshooterslaveslaversocial workersociologistsoldierspecial agentstaff officersubcommandertechniciantemporal agenttemporal refugeetemporal physicisttheoristtheoreticiantouristtradertransporter operatorvice admiralxenoarchaeologistxenohistorianxenopsychologist

Science and technology

agricultureair tankalgorithmalternate timelinealternate realityanachronismanemiaanomalyansible technologyansible transmitterantennaeantidoteantimatterantimatter containmentantimatter podarchaeologyartificial gravityasteroidastrogatorastronomical unitatavachronatmosphereatomic bombattitude controlautomatic course preset controlsbairnsbandwidthbeverage dispenserbinary codebioresearchblack holeblack starblue starbrown dwarfBussard collectorcablecarbon-dioxide scrubberCauchy horizoncausal loopchronitonchroniton emissionschroniton fieldchronometercirculatory systemcloaking deviceCochrane equationcoleopteric warp drivecomacommunicationscommunicatorcomputercordrazinecosmic dust cloudcosmic raydata carddata slatedeflector assemblydeflector couplingdeflector dishdeflector griddilithium articulation framedilithium circuitdilithium regulationdiseasedisruptordissociationDoppler shiftdwarf planeteclipticEM bandemergency manual monitorenergizerengineeringentropyEverett-Wheeler equationsfelinoidFeynman curvefield generator matrixfire extinguisherfiring mechanismflamethrowerforcefieldforcefield coilfusion reactorG5 stargenetic augmentationgenetic medicinegravimetric bandgravitational fieldgravitomagnetic effectgravitomagnetic fieldgravitongravitygravity plategravity wellGuardian of Forevergyroscopehabitable zonehafniumhand phaserHawking radiationheads-up displayhelmhologramhomeomorphismhormonehumanoidhydrogenimmunity systemimmunizationimplosionimpulse deflection crystalimpulse engineinfraredintercomintermix chamberinterphaseinterphase psychosisinterspaceinterspatial fissureinterspatial riftion stormisolation suitIsomorphic compoundKerr singularitylife support beltlightlight yearlightning rodluminositymagnetic constrictormagnetic fieldManheim equationmanual override levermassmaster regulatormaster systems displaymaster timeline displaymathematicsmatter-antimatter reaction chambermedicinemegalithmemorymeteoroidmicrowaveMinshara classmissileMöbius stripmoonnacelle pylonnavigational sensor domeneutrinoneutron starneurologyneutrinonodal spherenonlinear quantum mechanicsnovaNovikov loopnuclear platformoil lamppaddparadoxphase discriminatorphase injectorphase lockphaserphaser bankphaser emitterpheromonephoton minephoton torpedophysicsplagueplanetplanetoidplasma injectorplasma shockplasma streamplasma torpedoplastiskinpocket dimensionpolaritypolarized hull platingpower transfer conduitpredestination paradoxpregnancyprobeprototypepsionic energypubertypulsarquantum circuitryquantum coordinatesquantum datingquantum entanglementquantum equationsquantum gravitational theoryquantum historyquantum informationquantum linearityquantum mechanicsquantum physicsquantum realityquantum resonancequantum signaturequantum slipstream drivequantum theoryradarradiationradiation sicknessradio metrics displayred dwarfreintegrationresonance pulsesatelliteSchrödinger equationsciencescopeself-causative loopsensorsensor domeshield harmonicshock absorbersingularityslingshot effectsolar flaresolar windsoliton warp bubblespace amoebaspacetime continuumspacetime topologyspatial distortionspatial foldspatiotemporal quantum stateSplit Infinitestarstar systemstellar magnetospherestellar spectrastructural integritysubcutaneous transpondersubspacesubspace anomalysubspace bandsubspace beaconsubspace confluencesubspace fieldsubspace geodesicsubspace manifoldsubspace metricsubspace transceiversubspace transportersupernovaswirl-chamber intermix reactorsyncopetaraniumtechnologytelepathytemperaturetemporal distortiontemporal drivetemporal dynamicstemporal energytemporal phenomenontemporal physicstemporal theorytemporal tricordertemporal warpterraformtheoretical physicstheoretical physics databasetheory of general relativitytheragenthermodynamicsthrustertime bombtime fieldtime jumptime looptime machinetime portaltime rifttime traveltime vortextime warptimelinetorpedo launchertractor beamtransportertransporter emittertranstatortransuranic elementtri-oxtricordertritaniumVard equationVedala confluence driveviewscreenvoderwarp coilwarp corewarp drivewarp enginewarp geometrywarp nacellewarp plasma conduitwarp reactorwarp signaturewave analyzerwave theorywhite dwarfwormholeX-ray

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19301968196922022298236623812140s20th centuryAprilAugustcenturyCommon EradayDecemberEarth-Romulan WarEugenics WarsFebruaryFederation-Klingon War of 2267FridayGreenwich Mean TimeGregorian CalendarJanuaryJulyJuneMarchMaymillisecondMondaymonthNovemberOctobersecondSeptemberSpace AgestardateTemporal Cold WartimeTuesdayWar of KentinWednesdayweekWorld War IIWorld War IIIyearYear of ShiKahr

Other references

armillary sphereartart decoauditauxiliary controlbenchBiblebijective mapbotanical gardenbranch officebribebunkerbureaucracyburlesque revuebushCaptain's log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)catwalkCentauran oakcher-witchimerachronometric sensor protocolcityclassicismcold startcolonial historycolonycolony supply runConstitution of the United States of Americacontinentcourt martialdaisDamocleandeath penaltyDeclaration of Independencedeitydesertdinosaurdistress signaldrydockelephantThe End of Eternityengineeringespionageevasive maneuverexecutionextinctionfamineFederation StandardfezFlag of the United States of AmericaflagshipfootbridgeFrankensteingang warfareGeneral Order 7geysergnatgolfgovernmentGreek languagegreenskinhangarhelmethistoryhistory bookhorsehumpback whaleindustrialinterrogationjasmine teaJefferies tubejewelryjokekahs-wankal-if-feeKir'SharaKol-ut-ShanKolinahrladderLatinle-matyaliteraturelogicloopholeLouis XVI tableLunar golflynxmaintenance crawlwaymating bondmedical degreemedical kitmeditationmilitarymind meldmushroommuzzleneuropressurenuclear arms raceobservation galleryoceanoceanographic reportOmicron sporeOrganian Peace Treatypaintingpatrol routepattern Sulu-Gammapoetrypoliticspon farrpre-warp civilizationprimary hullPrime Directiveprivacy screenpromotionprotestracquetballrecordregulationreligionreportresearchresignationrestaurantrobesand sculptureSaurian brandyscarfscience stationsculpturescuttlingsecondary hullsewerShakedown cruiseshore leavesilksituation roomslaverystablestar chartstarvationsubcouncilsubdivisionsubspace transmitter junctionsuperpowerswordt'hy'lat'kam'latapestrythesistour of dutytreeunidentified flying objectVictorian housevotewater



2266 - 2275

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