Forma VI was a class M planet located within the Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone in the Beta Quadrant. Botanists were familiar with the planet's variety of flora.

History Edit

In the 22nd century, a Human dilithium mining colony was established on the planet. By 2193, the mine was played out, but the colony chose to remain. It placed at least one weather satellite in orbit.

In the 23rd century, a Klingon battlecruiser crashed downriver several kilometers from the colony. Children thought the ship was haunted.

In 2273, the IKS Kandar entered the system in hopes of locating replacement dilithium for their depleted heavy cruiser. They threatened the colonists on the surface and searched the mine, but not even fragments of dilithium were found. Shortly afterward, the USS Enterprise approached the planet at warp three, prompting Kandar to leave orbit. But the Enterprise was in a similar dilemma and asked the colonists for help. A landing party visited the colony via shuttlecraft. Yet even Arcturian mining engineer Taskul was also unable to locate dilithium in the mine. Eventually, dilithium was recovered from the D7 wreck, enough for both starships. Kandar's captain Kodrash was overly suspicious of Captain James T. Kirk, however, and when Kirk sent a travel pod to Kandar containing the dilithium and the Klingon's landing party, Kodrash blew it up. While the Enterprise left Forma VI at warp, Kandar headed back to the Klingon Empire at impulse. (TOS comic: "Dilithium Dilemma")




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