A forming pod during use

A forming pod was a technology, a device which was capable of altering a humanoid's physical appearance.

History and specificsEdit

The pod used holostat patterns as a data source to reform flesh. The process took time, but was able to reproduce skin tones, fingerprints, and even vocal cords accurately. The reformed subject bore an uncanny likeness to the original person.

In 2273, Anton Zauber hid a forming pod within the cargo bay of the freighter Skorpius. With supervisory assistance of a medical droid, Zauber used the pod to alter his physical appearance into that of Doctor Leonard McCoy. When the pod was opened, his wife Joann Zauber considered the procedure a complete success. The Zaubers then proceeded with their conspiracy to ruin McCoy's life and steal the royalties from his medical patents. (TOS comic: "The Real McCoy")





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