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Forthol was a male Axgardian and a Starfleet lieutenant in the 24th century who was assigned to the starship USS Enterprise-D in the year 2366.


In 2366, Forthol was assigned to the USS Enterprise-D as an ops officer. During this time, he observed Commander William T. Riker playing a poker game with Chief engineer Geordi La Forge, Chief medical officer Beverly Crusher and Transporter chief Miles O'Brien. The next day, Forthol informed La Forge that O'Brien had given up one of his queens in the poker game. La Forge and Forthol then informed Captain Jean-Luc Picard that O'Brien was being coerced by one of the Domaks into killing one of the queens with the transporter. Forthol and Riker then stopped O'Brien before he could carry out the assassination. (TNG - Maelstrom comics: "The Hand of the Assassin!", "Holiday on Ice")



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