The Fortune (registry BC-01[citation needed]) was a Virayllan-class raider starship that was active in the 24th century.

The ship was utilized by Arctus Baran during his mission to retrieve the Stone of Gol. Little did he and his crew know that the whole mission was masterminded by a Vulcan named Tallera. Captain Jean-Luc Picard smuggled himself aboard the ship when it attacked an archaelogical site he was digging at, in order to find the ones responsible, taking the alias of Galen. Little did he know that he would be joined aboard this ship by his first officer, Commander William Riker. The ship was eventually stopped and impounded by Picard and the USS Enterprise-D, and the crew taken into Vulcan custody. (CCG set: Tenth Anniversary Collection, card: "Fortune", CCG set: Energize, card: "Fortune", TNG episode: "Gambit")

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