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{{Ten Forward Nav}}
{{Ten Forward Nav}}

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Ten ForwardMirror Universe of the alternate reality (Reply | Watch)
Issue 15 of IDW's IDW Star Trek Comic series has been released. In it, we are introduced to a mirror universe based on the alternate reality versions of characters. For the purposes of Memory Beta, should these characters be lumped into the existing mirror universe entries, with their own section for this continuity/reality (as with the other various incarnations of the mirror universe)? I figured that I'd run it by everyone else in order to get their thoughts. --Lenonn (talk) 00:28, November 24, 2012 (UTC)
The article for Mirrored, Part 1 is now being fleshed out.
Based on cursory examination, it seems that the 'alternate mirror' Spock, for example, could probably be efficiently summarized in the trailing 'alternate' subsection of Spock (mirror). This is how i've written the first round of links for this.
The alternative of course would be to create a new "Spock (alternate mirror)" article and create a new link template for alternate mirror counterparts, as well as changing the 'counterpart' templates to reflect this new hybrid of characters needing to be linked to. this would be a major project and i'd like to discuss the necessity of it before performing this large an amount of infrastructure work.
The one link i have created as a new version is ISS Enterprise (alternate reality) - since it is an entirely different class of vessel from all the other ISS Enterprises -- Captain MKB 16:06, December 19, 2012 (UTC)