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A friendly reminder regarding spoilers! At present the expanded Trek universe is in a period of major upheaval with the finale of Year Five, the Coda miniseries and the continuations of Discovery, Picard and Lower Decks; and the premieres of Prodigy and Strange New Worlds, the advent of new eras in Star Trek Online gaming, as well as other post-55th Anniversary publications. Therefore, please be courteous to other users who may not be aware of current developments by using the {{spoiler}}, {{spoilers}} or {{majorspoiler}} tags when adding new information from sources less than six months old. Also, please do not include details in the summary bar when editing pages and do not anticipate making additions relating to sources not yet in release. 'Thank You


Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki
Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki
Ten ForwardNew platform issues (Reply | Watch)

Hi all

I've started the dialogue with Fandom regarding issues with the new version of the wiki software they've inflicted upon us. We recognize it's a huge change from normal editing, and we appreciate difficulties. We need to give a full accounting to the site of the difficulties we're going through, so please consider this an open dialogue for starting the process of convincing the Fandom people that we need support, with awareness of the issues we are facing that are interfering with the normal editing process. -- captainmike Site-logo.png 00:01, 13 October 2020 (UTC)

Thank you for bringing it up. There's one positive change so far - when clicking Source Editor, the categories are now included in the edit. Where previously you had to open the Visual Editor first. But: when uploading a new image, it includes the superfluous "Summary" statement again. Kind regards, -- Markonian 12:42, 13 October 2020 (UTC)

Two source editors and a visual editor

Apparently one of the bloats i've been encountering is that i was set one the wrong source editor - very confusing that there are two. Check your settings an thank you to everyone who suggested i change it, i was very surprised to find my setting had reverted to a different one from what i wanted. Check your preferences

On the topic of the 'visual editor' - it was trash before and it is trash now. don't use it. i don't want to make a unilateral decision without discussion, but choosing an enforcement level of wiki-wide prohibition from using the visual editor is something i'd like to explore. certainly people using it as a crutch and not learning good editing hygiene could be given a wakeup call if we disabled or reverted problematic edits (the source editor introduces preformatted code blocks into articles, much of it unnecessary -- rather than weeding through, a terrible admin task if there ever was one, we could escalate reversions and challenge the user to re-do their edits themselves, without the problematic code blocks the visual edit adds). feel free to discuss -- captainmike Site-logo.png 00:40, 29 October 2020 (UTC)

Sidebar infobox captions no longer support links

I'm not certain i want to waste Fandom's time with ticketing this one, because its not something we need, but apparently after new edits the way the info is cached leads to any linked text in the sidebar infobox captions to simply disappear. I think it would be a major cross-wiki editing project to edit every caption, another solution is to simply delete that parameter and let them all go away (i'm a proponent of minimizing info in sidebars and a caption that says 'this is a picture of the enterprise' is idiotic and belongs in alt text anyway) feel free to discuss -- captainmike Site-logo.png 00:40, 29 October 2020 (UTC)

Comic book infobox cover credits are also afflicted, sometimes. Credits display in "The Empire Man!" but disappear in "The Brain-Damaged Planet" in both Firefox and Chrome. Vexing! --Meacott (talk) 22:43, 4 November 2020 (UTC)