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A friendly reminder regarding spoilers! At present the expanded Trek universe is in a period of major upheaval with the finale of Year Five, the Coda miniseries and the continuations of Discovery, Picard and Lower Decks; and the premieres of Prodigy and Strange New Worlds, the advent of new eras in Star Trek Online gaming, as well as other post-55th Anniversary publications. Therefore, please be courteous to other users who may not be aware of current developments by using the {{spoiler}}, {{spoilers}} or {{majorspoiler}} tags when adding new information from sources less than six months old. Also, please do not include details in the summary bar when editing pages and do not anticipate making additions relating to sources not yet in release. 'Thank You


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For some reason I am unable to create new talk pages and since this actually involves several related things, I figured this wasn't totally out of place in the forum.

Is there a reason for Template:Spoiler novel to exist? The function it serves can, at least to me, be just as easily served by Template:majorspoiler. And, even if that template is kept a category should be created to go along with it, so we can hunt down the spoiler tags more easily and remove them.

Speaking of removing them, as has been asked elsewhere without a definite consensus, how long should we leave them on pages? When I go through and remove them I only take them off when the source has been out for a year to ensure no controversy. On the other hand, the comments on that talk page seem to suggest 6 months is a reasonable time limit. I'm fine either way, I'd just like to have a consensus and policy established.

Thanks!--Long Live the United Earth (talk) 19:26, January 2, 2013 (UTC)

Anybody?--Long Live the United Earth (talk) 18:28, January 14, 2013 (UTC)

For me, 6 months is definitely a decent period of time to clear the templates are articles. I like the idea of merging "majorspoiler" and "spoiler novel", giving it arguments so that it drops into various categories to sort out that way. That might be a good idea. -- sulfur (talk) 18:53, January 14, 2013 (UTC)

Upcoming spoiler procedures

I'd like to nominate that we have an ongoing spoiler marking for Star Trek Discovery (including USS Discovery, Michael Burnham and all returning crew, as well as USS Enterprise, Christopher Pike, Spock and some of the other involved parties) -- and that we consider protection from anon edits for articles related to DSC season 2, either adopted immediately or on a 'wait and see' basis if we start to see agitation, uncouth spoiler or opinionation or flagrant anon vandalism.

Furthermore, in terms of existing spoilers (and the "6 month rule"): the last DiSCo comics are a few months past so their 6 months of spoiler markings will expire soon, and the last spoiler markings for Short Treks will continue to July when "The Escape Artist" becomes 6 months old. -- captainmike Wiki-wordmarkX.png 16:07, January 12, 2019 (UTC)