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Ensign Fouton was a Starfleet security officer, a member of a humanoid alien race.


Fouton's two sole desires were to be a security officer and serve under Captain James T. Kirk; he achieved these goals when he was assigned to the USS Enterprise-A in 2287 following its relaunch after the Nimbus III incident.

Despite Fouton's weak appearance which made many question his suitability as a security officer, he proved to be very powerful and was known to outwit many opponents. When Fouton signed aboard, Commander Pavel Chekov doubted his abilities as a security officer, and during testing Chekov was knocked to the floor by a round-house kick which temporarily disorientated him.

Fouton was responsible for escorting the Nasgulian refugee Argus from the transporter room to the bridge, and he held himself personally responsible when Argus was killed by the Salla, even though there was nothing he could have done about it. Fouton then worked on devising a Phaser-proof vest. Though it was able to block withstand phaser fire, the manequin disintegrated and the vest was to heavy for anyone besides Fouton to wear. When Fouton heard how New Brinden Prefect Witten planned to give Capt. Kirk up to the Klingons and the Nasgul, Fouton decided to take matters into his own hands. Fouton then hypnotized Lt. Sara Tuchinsky into beaming to Witten's bedchamber. There, Fouton injected with disease infecting his colony to ensure that he would not turn Kirk over to anyone. (TOS comics: "The Return!", "The Sentence", "Fast Friends", "Cure All")

When Witten testified and accused Capt. Kirk of injecting him with the disease, Fouton confessed that he was the one who did it. Fouton was then confined to his quarters. Fouton was then taken before Admiral Nogura, who suspended him from Starfleet, arrested him and gave him a court-martial. Fouton lost his rank and was sent home. Before being taken away, Fouton told Capt. Kirk that it was a privilege to serve under him. (TOS - The Trial of James T. Kirk comics: "... Let's Kill All the Lawyers!", "Trial & Error!")



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Although most reference sources agree that security personnel in the movie era wore gray or green uniform accessories, Fouton and other security personnel in the DC TOS comics wore the red accessories shown in Star Trek II to denote cadet trainees and provisional personnel. This could be explained by the fact that many, if not all, were part of a development program aboard ship. Behind the scenes, this is likely due to the use of ST reference: Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise, which had incomplete and conflicting uniform data compared to later published sources. Notably, both the comics and the Guide show ensigns without any rank insignia, while in canon, ensigns wore a "v" shaped pin. Another discontinuity exists since Fouton's uniform bands changed coloration during certain scenes, such as between issues 11 and 12 when his undershirt and bands changed from trainee red to tactical gray. Since uniform decorations were not drawn with a great degree of detail, it is not possible to determine color slashes and pins in many cases, but there are a few different combinations that would fit his position, presuming the red accessories and lack of insignia had a specific meaning.

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