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Captain's Personal Log, Stardate 6453.4: Now entering the Veletus system after a voyage of 12 days to resupply Deep Space Station M-33, currently under the command of Commodore Julius "Falcon" Merrill. I must admit to some excitement at the chance to meet the commodore, one of the most renowned commanders in the history of Starfleet. Although our trip here was uneventful, the commodore's reports have mentioned intermittent encroachment by Tholian vessels into this sector, and we anticipate providing at least some tactical support to the station. But I–

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Pavel ChekovCasio GlasserIskelJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyJulius MerrillNaskeelElizabeth PalmerMontgomery ScottSpockStillwellHikaru SuluThavasNyota Uhura
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Kenji Ifukube

Starships and vehicles

USS AkagiUSS EnterpriseTholian webship


Cathedral StationDeep Space Station M-33Gamma Trianguli VIIfukube VeilVeletus systemVeletus V

Races and cultures


States and organizations

Children of the Lost OnesTholian Assembly

Other references

Altairian rice wineDeltan cigarMageOutsidersSaurian brandy




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