Frank Gabler was a 23rd century Human engineer. In the 2260s, he served in Starfleet aboard the USS Enterprise.


In mid-2269, Gabler transferred to the Enterprise. He patched the shields during a battle with a Betelgeusian ship. (TOS novel: The Face of the Unknown)

Following two enemy attacks, Gabler and Stanley checked impulse integration relays to ensure the Enterprise could rapidly maneuver, while Richard Washburn and Charlene Masters replaced fused circuits. (TOS novel: The Disinherited)

When the Enterprise was engulfed by the cosmic cloud entity, Gabler operated an access port to the warp nacelle for Montgomery Scott and James T. Kirk to insert an antimatter container. (TAS episode: "One of Our Planets Is Missing")

Davis performed this function in the novelization. (TAS - Log One novelization: One of Our Planets Is Missing)

After a Vendorian sabotaged the shield generators, Gabler ordered engineers and technicians to track down the cause, then found Scott knocked out. (TAS episode & Log Two novelization: The Survivor)

He was named Gabler in the script and depicted with a lighter complexion in the episode.

When the Master Computer shut off artificial gravity aboard the Enterprise, Gabler and Scott used crowbars to force open the jammed computer center hatch. (TAS episode & Log Three novelization: Once Upon a Planet)

When the crew were shrunk by spiroid-epsilon rays, Gabler was in the transporter room when Kirk beamed down to Terratin. He and Scott supervised from the top of the console while three engineers tugged at ropes to energize the transporter. He, Scott and two engineers also manned the bridge when the bridge crew were suddenly beamed away. (TAS episode: "The Terratin Incident")

In 2270, when shields were overloaded during a battle with Klingon ships near the planet Gateway, Gabler quickly coordinated engineers and other personnel to replace more than 20 junction nodes in the power grid. (TOS - Crucible novel: The Fire and the Rose)

In 2272, Lieutenant Gabler was assigned as Chief Engineer of Timeship One, an experimental joint Starfleet/Federation Department of Temporal Investigations timeship. The ship was decommissioned after a temporal incident and Gabler was reassigned.

In 2275, Lt. Gabler resumed his joint operations with the DTI as Chief Engineer of Timeship Two, which was also equipped with a Vedala confluence drive. Timeship Two's Vedala drive malfunctioned and left the timeship stuck between 2275 and 2383 before being rescued by Rear Admiral Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise. Upon the conclusion of the event, Gabler was once again reassigned when Timeship Two was decommissioned. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)






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