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Franklin Drake was an operative with Section 31, working in the 2400s.


Drake infiltrated Klingon space in an attempt to prove the House of Torg was working with the Romulan Star Empire. During the course of his mission, he was captured and brought to a prison on Qo'noS. However, not long after being imprisoned, he managed to escape to a hidden Federation safe house in the First City. Pursued by a Klingon strike team, he transported to a waiting ship in orbit, on a direct course for Rura Penthe. When the strike team arrived at Rura Penthe, they learned the prison staff was on the RSE's payroll, and the prison's warden, a member of the House of Torg, attempted to kill the strike team sent after Drake. The Section 31 operative escaped out the back door during the ensuing prison riot and was pursued by the strike team and Alexander Rozhenko. However, when the team caught up to him he pointed them towards the House of Torg as the real villains and was allowed to leave in peace. This eventually led to the discommendation of Councilor Torg, son of Kormog. (STO missions: "End of Watch", "First City", "Man Hunt", "Friend or Foe", "The House Always Wins")

Not long after, Drake led the investigation into the Devidians' attempted return in the Neutral Zone. Upon hearing of a discovery of Devidians on Drozana Station, Drake enlisted the help of a Starfleet vessel and crew to stop them from feeding. During the course of the investigation however, it was revealed the Devidians were also feeding on people from the 23rd century and bringing them into the 25th century. Upon learning this, he authorized a Starfleet strike team to travel through the Devidian portal in an attempt to determine the source of the Devidians in the 23rd century. After a successful return, he was told a comet known as Driffen's Comet was charged with triolic energy, which allowed the Devidians to cross into other dimensions. Using his connections, Drake ordered the Starfleet vessel to travel back in time to destroy the comet. Having provided the ship with a holoemitter to disguise itself, the Starfleet vessel successfully destroyed the comet and returned to the present thanks to a Borg temporal node. (STO missions: "Everything Old is New", "Night of the Comet")

Drake would later send the same Starfleet ship to maintain Federation spy satellites in the Traelus system. (STO mission: "Traelus System - Satellite Repair")

Alternate timelineEdit

In an alternate timeline where the Klingon Empire conquered the Federation in the 2360s, Franklin Drake signed on to fight for the Klingons when the Dominion found the Bajoran wormhole and invaded the Alpha Quadrant. After the Klingons lost, he found work as a laborer aboard a Tholian Assembly space station in the Azure Nebula. This timeline was erased after the crew of the USS Enterprise-C escaped the station and returned to Narendra III in 2344. (STO mission: "Temporal Ambassador")



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