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Free Haven is an inhabited planet, a Bajoran colony world on the fourth planet in orbit of the Sanelar star system, located in the space of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. (Last Unicorn RPG module: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Narrator's Toolkit)

History and specifics[]

In the year 2372, Breen privateers were operating near Free Haven, but were later driven off by Captain Benjamin Sisko and the crew of the Federation starship USS Defiant. (DS9 episode: "To the Death")



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The Last Unicorn RPG module: The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon, published by Last Unicorn Games after they had lost their Star Trek license, gives the name "Prophet's Haven", which comes from the script of "To the Death". In the episode, it is referred to as Free Haven. The books also mentions that the Dominion hired the Breen to attack the colony and that a Thot Graal led the Breen attack.

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