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Freeman Dyson (15 December 1923 - 28 February 2020) was a 20th and 21st century Human man. A physicist native to the planet Earth, Dyson theorized in the construction of Dyson spheres, which could be built around stars and provide gigantic habitats.

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In the 2260s decade, the Federation starship USS Enterprise discovered a Dyson sphere named Lyra. (TOS novel: The Starless World)

In the year 2294, the USS Jenolen encountered a Dyson sphere while enroute to Norpin V. After attempting to contact the Sphere, the vessel crashlanded on the surface and left only two survivors. (TNG episode & novelization: Relics; TNG novel: Dyson Sphere)

In the 24th century, the USS Freeman Dyson, a Nova-class starship, was named after Dyson.

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