Chodak ruins on Frigis

Frigis, also known as Shonoisho Epsilon VI, was a class M planet located in the Shonoisho sector in Federation space.

Frigis has a breathable atmosphere composed mostly of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. 23% of surface is covered by water.

History[edit | edit source]

Around 900,000 years ago (before 2370) the planet was an outpost of dissidents of the Chodak Empire who opposed the misuse of the Unity Device. They built a considerable amount of technology on the world including pharonium pyramids which they remained after their successful coup and disappearance with the Device.

A thousand years ago, the planet was settled by Garidian refugees/colonists, led by the Lawgiver Avatrunei and his Followers, carrying with themselves the precious Fifth Scroll. During their stay the Garidians studied and made use of the abandoned Chodak technology while also establishing their civilization according to their philosophy. The Lawgiver made a great study of the ruins and even developed a Chodak/Garidian translator.

The Garidian disciples used a Chodak chameleon field, a kind of cloaking device to protect themselves in case Garid's forces came after them. As a consequence, Frigis remained unknown and isolated for the next millennium. Romulans and Garidians had made claims on the world.

Not long after their colonization, Avatrunei's disciples had diverged, interpreting the Fifth Scroll according to their own preference. Barinom, Plegu and Ifnik made their own copies of the Scroll and founded their sects. The Chodak pyramids were adapted by the sects to serve as a transporter to their temple.

In 2200s the colony scientists found a Chodak data crystal which, because of its fragility, could not be read.

The planet itself was ruled by a chancellor. By the 24th century, a Ferengi trader, Aramut, was the first and only alien to visit the planet. The colonists decided to trade some animals with outside technology.

In 2370, the year the Lawgiver predicted that a a team of aliens would visit the planet, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) arrived on the planet looking for the Fifth Scroll. Chancellor Laraq welcomed a team led by William Riker who managed to discover the Scroll. This not only helped the sects to overcome their feuds, but also brought the two cultures together.

However the Garidians were after the Enterprise and thus learned the truth about Frigis, which they shared with the Romulans. During the Romulan incursion, Frigis was attacked by Romulan forces, although the colonists pretended that the planet was deserted; Laraq sought help of the Enterprise as an act of good faith, since the Federation protects its planets. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)

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