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Jake Sisko recalls his father finding a baseball recording from an old spaceship from Earth found near Deep Space 9.


Dax finds an ancient Earth ship, with contents that have a bittersweet significance for both Sisko and his son, Jake.


While having dinner with his talkative Bajoran girlfriend Su in the near future, Jake is irked when she touches his Discman CD player. Jake begins to recall how he got this antique from Earth's 20th century.

Circa the year 2369, Jake and his father are having dinner, when Jadzia Dax contacts Sisko to let him know that the McAuliffe will soon dock at the space station. Both are overjoyed, as the crew of the McAuliffe have several holodeck programs that recreate notable 20th century baseball games. Sisko and Jake chose the game between the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1951, where Bobby Thomson hit "the Shot Heard 'Round the World". Duty calls for Sisko when Jadzia informs Sisko that a ship from Earth has been found adrift. Sisko calls for the program to initiate a hologram of Thomson and leaves Jake to enjoy the program. Jake instead ends the program, but watches Thomson hit the home run.

Miles O'Brien identifies the ship as one only designed to travel between planets. Several Humans aboard were cryogenically frozen, but the technology failed and the people perished.

When Sisko asks Jake why did he leave the holodeck, Jake confesses that he is lonely and wishes he had other teenagers to play baseball with, and that being able to freeze the program doesn't feel authentic. Sisko takes Jake to Ops, where Jadzia and O'Brien are studying items from the Earth ship. O'Brien finds the old data disc player, which has a CD with the baseball match where Bobby Thomson hit his famous home run.

O'Brien modifies the CD player so that the recording of the baseball game cannot be paused and gives it to Jake. In the future, Jake switches on the player, annoying his girlfriend.



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  • This story's flashback sequences seems to be set shortly after "Emissary", as Jake is not yet friends with Nog. The future sequences would apparently take place in the 2370s decade, after Jake began dating.


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