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The Funny Face was a Federation auxiliary craft, a Class C shuttlecraft in Starfleet service in an undetermined time period, assigned to the Crossfield-class starship USS Discovery It was named by Zora nearly a thousand years after the crew had left Discovery. (Short Treks episode: "Calypso")


Shortly before its crew abandoned the starship Discovery, and its captain ordered the ship to remain in place, this shuttlecraft was delivered to the Discovery and deposited in the shuttlebay. The craft was warp-capable but had not been tested at the time of its delivery. It remained unnamed as well.

Nearly a millennium later, the ship's now-sapient database, Zora, rescued the Alcorian Human Craft from a V'draysh escape pod. Craft longed to return to his family on Alcor IV, and learned of the shuttle's existence on his first visit to Discovery's bridge. However, Zora convinced him the shuttle was not ready service, and even if ready the journey would be long and arduous. Craft remained with Zora on Discovery for a while. When he could not stand the separation any longer, Zora requested his presence in sickbay, where she replicated a flight suit for him. Next, they bid an emotional goodbye in the shuttlebay. Craft boarded the shuttle. When its doors closed, the name Funny Face, underlined and written in cursive, became visible on its rear. Craft steered the Funny Face out of the bay, and the shuttle jumped to warp. (Short Treks episode: "Calypso")

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